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the United States' first woman in space - has inspired countless people, as she lived a life committed to science, education and inclusion. [Read More]
What can we learn from comets and asteroids, the universe's most misunderstood objects? [Read More]
The science behind the gross things that we do helps us to understand why we, as humans, are so disgusting. [Read More]
Light and dark markings that swirl over the moon may result from ancient, magnetic lava just below the moon's surface, according to one new study. [Read More]
"Earthrise," a new, award-winning short documentary named after the famous photo, centers on the image and the remarkable story behind it. [Read More]
Light and dark markings swirl over the moon, looking like cream swirled into coffee or clouds against a slate gray sky. These lunar swirls may... [Read More]
By hacking a domestic knitting machine, a software engineer advanced modern knitting and made a massive equatorial star map in tapestry form. [Read More]
With books about space and science intended for a young audience, there is a fine line between writing that's too complex and writing that older... [Read More]
The six-sided storm that dominates the gas giant's north pole may span stunning heights. [Read More]
A recent contest challenged participants to create utopian designs of future human Mars settlements, and their creations are stunning. [Read More]
The Mars Ice Home is a concept study for a potential astronaut habitat on Mars. Take a look at this photo tour to see what... [Read More]
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and... [Read More]
Six years after discovering the Higgs boson, physicists have observed how the particle decays — a monumental contribution to scientists' understanding of the Standard Model... [Read More]
Turn back the clock and walk through life with NASA moonwalker Buzz Aldrin in "1969: The Second Man," an inventive new musical that opened here... [Read More]
The pioneering mathematician overcame barriers of racism and misogyny to help develop U.S. human spaceflight... [Read More]
Calling all "Star Wars" mega fans! The 2018 "Star Wars" Fan Awards contest has been underway for a while, but there's still time to get... [Read More]
but unfortunately for sensationalists, this is not true. [Read More]
Using two ancient galactic cores called quasars, researchers have taken a massive step forward toward confirming quantum entanglement — a concept that says particles can... [Read More]
Last night (Aug. 21), astronauts made history by playing the first-ever tennis match in space aboard the International Space Station. [Read More]
Buzz Aldrin's story finds itself center-stage in "1969: The Second Man," a new theatrical production that explores the life of the second man on the... [Read More]