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We have a forsythia hedge that is perhaps 35 years old. This year we have had several sections die for no apparent reason. This has... [Read More]
We managed to get a cutting from our beautiful crape myrtle bush. It was a small cutting, so we put it in a pot and... [Read More]
Every spring my hydrangeas appear as if they will thrive, yet by midseason they don't look great. During previous seasons I watered at least every... [Read More]
To restrict its width, can my bear's breeches plant be planted in a 5-gallon container with the bottom cut out? It is for an area... [Read More]
I have a seed pod from last year's datura plant. Could you please tell me if I should plant the entire seed ball or break... [Read More]
I have a witch hazel planted by a nursery earlier this spring. So far it has not demonstrated any interest in leafing out although the... [Read More]
My neighbor has three clumping river birches next to the fence separating our backyards. Every year they drop thousands, maybe millions, of seeds onto my... [Read More]
I purchased a gooseberry bush online. Now I have learned that it should not be planted near white pine trees. We have a 4.5-acre lot... [Read More]
We have hydrangeas (white flower heads) that are nearly 6 feet tall and have been thriving in our landscape for about five years. We never... [Read More]
I recently bought property in the country with many cedar trees. Last year I planted two apple trees. This year I have an orange, jelly-like... [Read More]
I have scads of elephant ear bulbs that I store and plant again in spring. This year I'd like to not plant as many but... [Read More]
The evergreen tree beds in my yard are filled with brown needles fallen from the arborvitae. Should I remove the brown needles before mulching? Can... [Read More]
My 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' did not bloom last year. It did bloom the first two years it was planted. It is beautifully full and green... [Read More]
Is it normal for my English ivy to be heavily damaged due the cold snap we had in St. Louis this current year? [Read More]
If I plant strawberries in large containers this year, how do I protect them this winter? Moving the pots will not be an option. [Read More]
When Rex begonias go dormant, what care do they need? The Rex begonias I bought in fall have lost their leaves. The cultural tags that... [Read More]
In fall I saved seeds from three different lantana plants. I sowed them this winter and have managed to propagate about 15 plants from the... [Read More]
I acquired a plumeria plant that is a rather sad specimen right now, with only a few leaves and several bare stems that nonetheless still... [Read More]
I am trying to locate some information on a ground cover that my grandmother called goutweed or ghost weed, also known as snow on the... [Read More]
I've got some magic lilies that did not bloom last year. Can I divide them now since they appear crowded, and what are the chances... [Read More]