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"My parents probably thought I'd grow out of it." [Read More]
"Soon it will be too late to shift course away from our failing trajectory, and time is running out." [Read More]
"President Trump has been the most pro-life president in modern history." [Read More]
"And that's the one thing that is consistent, is they blame the one organization whose members don't commit the crimes." [Read More]
"Ms. Byrne was obviously not in any condition to be on the road." [Read More]
"If this person was still in New York and it was recent we would go right away and make the arrest, no doubt." [Read More]
"This is just, like, I strongly disagree and this is my little way of showing it." [Read More]
"This morning I asked Mike Oreskes for his resignation because of inappropriate behavior." [Read More]
"For the president, it is the tip of a dangerous iceberg." [Read More]
"My administration is working everyday to make the United States the most attractive place in the world to do business." [Read More]
"I at last found the document that described it all." [Read More]
"There is real danger for the president, potentially, lurking out there in the shrubberies." [Read More]
"At this point, I can't see myself supporting anybody but President Trump because I think he's given us the most conservative cabinet we've seen since... [Read More]
"A car just ran over 2 people and then crashed into a school bus." [Read More]
'The FBI has been looking to charge him long before Trump was even on the political map.'... [Read More]
"Our president is doing very well in the state because people feel like our president is fighting for them." [Read More]
"I don't feel I should have to justify my existence." [Read More]
it's different." [Read More]
"Parents need to be aware and check for unusual candy packaging." [Read More]
"Israel is my country, and I'm proud to be Israeli." [Read More]