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John Brennan, the former C.I.A. director, saw signs of Russian election meddling. Are his suggestive public statements signs that he knows information that he can't... [Read More]
President Trump hired the outspoken lawyer Joseph E. diGenova on Monday. Mr. diGenova is an aggressive voice who attacks the F.B.I. and defends the president. [Read More]
If you didn't know of Sam Nunberg, that likely changed after his onslaught of media appearances on Monday, when he said the special counsel had... [Read More]
Here's how President Trump and his administration are selling the decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum despite strong Republican pushback. [Read More]
Here's a look at how AR-15-style rifles and other firearms are marketed. [Read More]
Well before the #MeToo movement gained momentum, Donald J. Trump weighed in on allegations against several well-known men, including himself. A look at his past... [Read More]
Companies continue to use the Super Bowl platform to promote humanitarian causes either initiated or supported by their brands. It's a type of marketing that... [Read More]
A State of the Union address can be a type of partisan Pilates for some in the crowd. For others, it can be a direct... [Read More]
Following reports of a payment to an alleged mistress in 2016, Melania Trump has kept a low profile. Mrs. Trump is expected to re-emerge to... [Read More]
President Trump likes to take credit for the rise of the stock market. It surged after he was elected in 2016 and has reached record... [Read More]
Senator Mitch McConnell promised to bring a vote on immigration reform to the floor by Feb. 8. Democrats are selling that pledge as a win.... [Read More]
President Trump tweeted in support of an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, on Thursday. It was the latest example of him... [Read More]
Stephen Miller's recent defense of his boss is symbolic of how the Trump Administration deals with criticism — with verbal uppercuts. Defending your boss is... [Read More]
The two anti-establishment Republicans bonded during the campaign. Now they are in the throes of a bad breakup after Steve Bannon made critical statements about... [Read More]
There were more than 22,000 write-in votes cast in the Alabama Senate race. That number exceeded the margin of Doug Jones's victory. Republicans, unwilling to... [Read More]
Love her or hate her, the former reality show star turned White House aide has never shied away from controversy. [Read More]
At first, President Trump remained largely silent. But as the election neared, he supported Roy S. Moore for the Alabama Senate seat. [Read More]
Members of the Trump administration haven't always followed a traditional path. Hope Hicks fits right in, a communications director that hardly communicates publicly. [Read More]
Prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud, a little known Saudi Arabian prince, paid a record $450.3 million for Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvator... [Read More]
Republicans are wrestling with whether the political risk of supporting Roy S. Moore, the Senate candidate from Alabama, is worth helping maintain a majority in... [Read More]
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