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Bank of England governor says UK house prices could fall by a third in absence of agreement with EU... [Read More]
Mark Carney, Bank of England governor, has delivered a "chilling" warning to Theresa May's cabinet that a no-deal Brexit could lead to economic chaos, including... [Read More]
Job ad for Canadian's replacement due in the 'next month or two'... [Read More]
What is the Irish 'backstop' and what does it mean for the UK post-Brexit? [Read More]
Millions of eyes will be on the World Cup in Russia this summer. But what if your nation didn't even get a chance to compete... [Read More]
It's the World Cup's most anticipated football kit. The queues snaked down London's Regent's Street on Friday as Nigeria fans waited to get their hands... [Read More]
Catherine Phiri, 32, is currently Zambia's fiercest boxer. She was the first African woman to win the prestigious World Boxing Council Gold title in 2016.... [Read More]
The three-year agreement is the club's first ever sleeve-sponsorship deal. [Read More]
In Africa's battle for the skies, the east African carrier is stepping up its game in a bid to dominate the market. [Read More]
It's the end of an era in football. Arsene Wenger clears his desk today at Arsenal after 22 years at the helm. [Read More]
Morocco is close to completing the world's largest concentrated solar power farm. [Read More]
Skateboarding kicked off in west-coast America around the 1960s. Thrill-seekers would drop in on empty pools and sidewalks. [Read More]
Africa's largest economy moves to boost trade with China. [Read More]
Over the past few decades Kenyan fishing has rapidly declined, and imports of fish from China have captured the market. [Read More]
As part of sweeping new internet regulations, the Tanzanian government has introduced a $930 fee for those wanting to have an online blog. [Read More]
Ugandan inventor Brian Turyabagye has created a biomedical smart jacket that can diagnose pneumonia faster than a doctor. [Read More]
The Tanzanian government, with support from the WWF, have launched the country's largest ever elephant collaring effort to protect the population from poaching. [Read More]
Incidences of muggings, carjackings and other crimes are not uncommon in Kenya's capital city. "Usalama" connects people in need of help. [Read More]
WoeLab in Togo has built what they say is the first 'Made in Africa' 3D printer created from toxic e-waste... [Read More]
By 2020 Africa will likely be the fastest urbanizing continent in the world. New, bold and ambitious satellite cities look to provide a solution. [Read More]