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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Pam Hupp's own attorney said Hupp preferred keeping the April trial date. However, the defense counselor said Hupp understands the... [Read More]
Amid a national reckoning on sexual abuse by powerful men, Donald Trump, the alleged predator in the White House has largely escaped scrutiny. [Read More]
Thing 1/Thing 2: Giving lots of speeches isn't easy. But we've noticed a trick Trump uses frequently - if you make a mistake, just pretend... [Read More]
Republicans want to cut taxes for the super rich -- and raise them on working people. That might be bad for you, as Robert Reich... [Read More]
Republicans want to give a massive tax cut to the super rich. But Donald Trump insists he doesn't benefit at all. [Read More]
Jared Kushner didn't hand over certain documents concerning both Russia and WikiLeaks that the Senate Judiciary Committee requested, said the committee's bipartisan leaders today. [Read More]
Fox 2 News found a school bus driver whose fatal crash cost the Wentzville School District millions. She's still driving. The Fox Files found other... [Read More]
Both women say they were approached by Moore when they worked at an Alabama mall. One of the girls was still in high school and... [Read More]
Donald Trump made fun of Marco Rubio for his infamous water bottle moment, but today the president had to stop twice mid-speech to wet his... [Read More]
Gary Cohn had a front-row seat as a group of CEOs repudiated Republicans' flimsy rationale for its massive corporate tax cut. [Read More]
A handful of House Democrats officially introduced five articles of impeachment for President Trump Wednesday, accusing him of everything from breaking the Constitution's Emoluments Clause... [Read More]
Democrats were blindsided at a Senate finance committee hearing on the Republican tax plan when they suddenly learned the Senate version of the tax bill... [Read More]
Members of Congress confronted Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the FBI's report called "Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement." [Read More]
The mysterious robocall claiming to be from a Washington Post reporter is a fake - but it's part of an effort to discredit the allegations... [Read More]
Trump and his allies want Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the president's chief political rival, Hillary Clinton. But Sessions... [Read More]
Brett J. Talley, Donald Trump's nominee for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge, despite having only three years of experience practicing law, did not... [Read More]
The Atlantic's Julia Ioffe reports on messages sent between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks on Twitter during the presidential campaign, which continued even on election... [Read More]
The fifth woman to come forward against Senate candidate Roy Moore, Beverly Young Nelson, alleges he violently sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years... [Read More]
Donald Trump's nominee for a lifetime appointment on the federal bench is a 36 year old who has practiced law for three years and has... [Read More]
YouTube is full of "rapid response partisans" who post inflammatory and often inaccurate commentary about breaking news. New York Times columnist Kevin Roose shares his... [Read More]