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The study found that ships from just five nations accounted for more than 85 percent of global fishing — Spain, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea and... [Read More]
That startling statistic is among the findings of a unique, high-tech collaboration that is providing a massive amount of new data about global fishing operations.... [Read More]
Humans are now fishing at least 55 percent of the world's oceans — an area four times larger than the area occupied by humanity's onshore... [Read More]
In a major study released Thursday, a team of government and university scientists say that the nature of air pollution is changing dramatically as cars... [Read More]
Indoor products have been understated, study said. [Read More]
As vehicles become cleaner, personal-care products, paints, indoor cleaners and other chemical-containing agents are an increasingly dominant source of key emissions, scientists say. [Read More]
A recent study focused on a class of chemical products that give off "volatile organic compounds," or VOCs — petroleum-based odorous substances that, in outdoor... [Read More]