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Social media has become darker, uglier, and meaner in recent years. It may be wrecking our mental health, destroying our politics, and tearing at the... [Read More]
Apple's new smartwatch with cellular connectivity is proving to be a hit with consumers. As a result, Apple is once again the market leader for... [Read More]
Faced with a tidal wave of fake news and phony propaganda unleashed by social media, the European Union has launched an effort to define the... [Read More]
With a focus on chips and artificial intelligence, U.K.-based Graphcore can now be considered one of Europe's hottest startups. [Read More]
Say this for the French: They manage to keep their sense of humor in the face of a crisis. First, a massive butter shortage has... [Read More]
Blockchain technologies are slowly seeping into every conceivable market. And if one Russian company succeeds, the health care industry will be the next to be... [Read More]
One keeps thinking things can't get worse for Snap during its first year as a public company. And yet, Snap continues to defy expectations by... [Read More]
Navya, a French company known for its self-driving shuttles, has taken the next step in autonomous vehicles by introducing a self-driving cab. [Read More]
Apple, the world's most valuable company, finds itself once again at the center of an international controversy about the ways U.S. corporations use international tax... [Read More]
Today provided a brutal reminder of how fundamental shifts to mobile technology has caused a profound upheaval in the semiconductor market that is transforming some... [Read More]
As it has been for more than a decade, Twitter became the place to look for breaking news updates following the Texas Church Massacre on... [Read More]
A few weeks ago, as the iPhone 8 was about to go on sale, I wondered if we had seen the last of the Apple... [Read More]
For several minutes this afternoon, President Donald J. Trump's Twitter account vanished for several minutes and then re-appeared. [Read More]
Even when Apple has reported earnings in the best of times over the past few years, there's at least been a blemish or two somewhere.... [Read More]
As Apple prepares to release its latest quarterly earnings reports today, it's likely that the numbers will provide only some of the answers to questions... [Read More]
From a slow start as an ill-fated student project almost a decade ago, Berlin's GetYourGuide has become one of Europe's hottest startups and is today announcing... [Read More]
If you think Silicon Valley has lost its moral compass, or never even had one, than your are not alone. The latest salvo fired at... [Read More]
We're still a couple of days away from delivery of the first iPhone X. But in the five days since Apple began accepting preorders, a number... [Read More]
Europe's tech scene is growing fast. And thanks to a new interactive map from PitchBook, we can see how the hottest company in each country... [Read More]
Not only has the decision to leave the European Union not dented London's startup scene, it seems to have actually widened its lead as Europe's... [Read More]