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Alphabet subsidiary Loon has assembled a new advisory board of telecom insiders to help turn its stratospheric internet balloons into a commercial service. [Read More]
France's major TV stations have struck a deal to pull their content from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon and build a competitive platform. [Read More]
The wave of nostalgia for Blockbuster is absurd. Let us now remember this retail chain for the awful, parasitic, soul-draining entity that it was. [Read More]
Google announced today a series of new features for its cloud services, designed to enhance the experience for developers as the company continues to battle... [Read More]
As data storage shifts to the cloud, Scality is reinventing its own business with Zenko to chase what could be an even bigger market. [Read More]
Renault took the wraps off EZ-Pro, a new autonomous vehicle that targets last-mile deliveries as competition for this exploding market continues to draw big interest... [Read More]
Lessons from the failure of video messaging app Tribe led one cofounder to invest in blockchain to support efforts to decentralize the internet. [Read More]
Freightos announced today it is has raised $44.4 million in venture capital as the Israeli startup continues its push to drag the unwieldy logistics industry... [Read More]
Many large U.S. cities seem to have adopted the motto: "Man, parking here sucks." But a Swedish startup believes it can apply a little technology... [Read More]
Analysis At its annual iPhone event in September, Apple typically says goodbye to the oldest versions of the gadget that remains the centerpiece of its business.... [Read More]
The European Union Parliament voted overwhelmingly to approve a copyright reform that includes two hotly debated measures critics have dubbed catastrophic for an open internet.... [Read More]
San Francisco-based Sysdig announced today that it has raised $68.5 million in venture capital as the company rides a wave that is changing the way... [Read More]
Delair announced today that Intel Capital has made a signficant investment in the company as the maker of fixed-wing drones seeks to rapidly expand its... [Read More]
Online travel marketplace Evaneos announced it has raised $81 million in venture capital as the Paris-based company seeks to push outside Europe. [Read More]
And to think I was just lamenting the fact that the end of Elon Musk's quixotic bid to take Tesla private meant we wouldn't have... [Read More]
The exits earlier this year by two of Sweden's biggest startup names would be enough to swell the pride of any regional ecosystem. Spotify's $27... [Read More]
ThinCI announced today that it has raised $65 million in venture capital as the company seeks to create new uses for its artificial intelligence chips. [Read More]
In advance of Congressional hearings today, executives from Google, Facebook, and Twitter have submitted various statements summarizing progress they've made in combatting electoral manipulations, while... [Read More]
Launchmetrics announced today that it has raised $50 million in venture capital as the company prepares to accelerate the international expansion of its data analytics... [Read More]
In a bid to expand its presence in India, Amazon announced today that it has created the first Hindi version of its Android app and... [Read More]