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Silicon Valley early-stage venture capital (VC) funding has been cut in half in the last two years, as companies are not able to go public. [Read More]
Silicon Valley social justice warriors are planning to publish a blacklist of venture capitalists they deem sexual harassers. [Read More]
Jeff Bozos is less than $4 billion shy of passing Bill Gates as the richest man in the history of planet Earth. [Read More]
Jeff Bezos is less than $4 billion shy of passing Bill Gates as the richest man in the history of planet Earth. [Read More]
The U.S. House Appropriations Committee continues to restore pork to President Trump's proposed 2018 budget. [Read More]
Hyperloop One may have just killed California's high-speed rail project, after the company's vacuum tube test-track success. [Read More]
The "Day of Action" for Net Neutrality, organized by the world's biggest corporations for their own benefit, appears to be a big yawn. [Read More]
The California Department of Business issued a new report that reveals seniors are the largest group taking out payday loans. [Read More]
Tesla has 100 days to complete delivery and installation in South Australia of the world's biggest lithium-ion battery storage installation. [Read More]
Tesla's $57-per-share stock crash this week seems even more justified with the release of Tesla's poor June U.S. sales figures. [Read More]
Seattle's $3 per hour minimum wage hike has found that it cost the average low-skilled worker $1,500 a year due to employers slashing hours. [Read More]
The EPA announced Tuesday that it is moving to rescind the Obama era's "Waters of the United States" (WOTUS) regulatory rule. [Read More]
CoreLogic has reported that the median home prices for Los Angeles and Orange County have just hit new all-time highs. [Read More]
Rep. Tom McClintock is leading an effort to end environmentalists' ability to delay the building of dams and reservoirs on federal land. [Read More]
Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick was dumped, but he could make a triumphant return, like Apple's once-fired CEO Steve Jobs. [Read More]
Amazon's bid for Whole Foods represents a threat to Silicon Valley: that tech giants will invest in the real economy, rather than start-ups. [Read More]
Uber Board members unanimously adopted a new corporate culture recommended by former U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder. [Read More]
The banner headline will read 97 percent of Puerto Rico voted for statehood, but only 23 percent of voters cast ballots. [Read More]
The 3.4 million U.S. citizens on the Caribbean island of Puerto Ricans will vote today, for the fifth time, on statehood. [Read More]