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Josh Gordon is just the latest effort to fix a broken WR corps. The Patriots traded for Josh Gordon on Monday, a move that's got... [Read More]
New York is loaded with skill players. And has no one to block for them. [Read More]
The Gary Anderson curse claimed another soul when Minnesota cut rookie Daniel Carlson. Daniel Carlson was supposed to be a reliable special teams dynamo for... [Read More]
Dickson is like Picasso, but with a much stronger leg. Michael Dickson isn't a punter. Michael Dickson is an artist. Or, possibly, a wizard. The... [Read More]
The league's ever expanding rules for roughing the passer have now ruined two games in two weeks. It's time to rethink them. [Read More]
One of the biggest non-conference showdowns of the season pairs two playoff contenders. Live blog by Bill Connelly 13:20 After JK Dobbins is stuffed on... [Read More]
One of the biggest non-conference showdowns of the season pairs two playoff contenders. Ohio State has plowed through the first two games of Urban Meyer's... [Read More]
Wherein Wisconsin fans drink enough to cover for the BYU grads in the stadium. Last year, Wisconsin and its fans traveled to Provo in an... [Read More]
Vanderbilt's run to the College Football Playoff continues in South Bend. The last time Vanderbilt and Notre Dame met, the Irish only beat a 2-9... [Read More]
Two young QBs. Two big wins. So whose was better? New York Jets rookie Sam Darnold's first NFL pass went for a touchdown. A Detroit... [Read More]
102 players and coaches got nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and some names don't have a chance of making it in. The... [Read More]
And the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity! Interested in buying a locker LeBron James may or may not have used when he was visiting... [Read More]
Michael Thomas is a tremendous value for the Saints ... for now. Great NFL teams are built on great draft picks. Not just because of... [Read More]
It's not a very long list. [Read More]
Watson's penchant for big plays backfired against a defense primed to stop them. Deshaun Watson opened eyes across the league in an electric seven-game rookie... [Read More]
The new coaches went 0-7, the worst mark ever. But which ones at least gave fans something to be hopeful about? [Read More]
The king in the (NFC) North! Aaron Rodgers can beat the Bears in the regular season. Aaron Rodgers can beat the Bears in the playoffs.... [Read More]
The NFL's new "body weight" penalty is causing problems. And it's only Week 1. Myles Garrett finally got his chance to face Ben Roethlisberger Sunday.... [Read More]
From a 4:25 p.m. start to 4:35 p.m. The Dallas Cowboys were set to kick off their 2018 NFL season with a showdown against the... [Read More]
The ball may have hit the ground, but New England wasn't going to give the refs or the Texans a chance to review it ... [Read More]