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Insect and vermin infestations. Leaky ceilings. Families poisoned by lead paint. Mold and broken elevators. [Read More]
The victim's attorney says this is just another baseless attack. [Read More]
The Brooklyn DA's office says they are still investigating the incident. [Read More]
The former police officer will have to apologize to his victim in a one-on-one mediation meeting. [Read More]
'There's other places to go to where my dollars matter, that are black-owned shops. We don't have to go to them if they treat us... [Read More]
"For him to go to jail for what he did to me — and now he's the victim — it's just baffling," said Yvette Cruz,... [Read More]
A teen gunman accused of opening fire into a crowd and fatally striking a 15-year-old in front of a Brooklyn building was sent to Rikers... [Read More]
Keith Floyd was charged with murder and concealment of a body after his Wednesday afternoon arrest. Busted with him was his sister Adrianna on charges... [Read More]
A Brooklyn man who spent 25 years behind bars was released from prison Friday after prosecutors agreed to toss the murder conviction linked to retired... [Read More]
City orders shutdown of illegal parking lot where 4-year-old girl was killed by motorist in Brooklyn... [Read More]
A woman who survived a brutal knifepoint rape 24 years ago forgave her attacker before a judge sentenced him Friday to a maximum 20 years... [Read More]
A Brooklyn man accused of hacking off his pregnant wife's arm fled north and was planning to swim from Niagara Falls to Canada after a... [Read More]
In the wake of the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy that is splitting up families at the southern border, actress and gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon... [Read More]
A dying Brooklyn man cooked up a half-baked plan to score a brand new oven by forging a letter from the city's fire commissioner, prosecutors... [Read More]
Daniel St. Hubert, the Brooklyn man convicted of stabbing two children, will serve up to 50 years to life in prison for his crime,. [Read More]
Leonard Barber, whose criminal record includes 27 arrests, pleaded not guilty Friday to killing Mack Wilson on March 1. [Read More]
Leonard Barber, whose criminal record includes 27 arrests, pleaded not guilty Friday to killing Mack Wilson on March 1. [Read More]
Prosecutors dismissed the indictment in the case of Rosean Hargrave, and are expected to drop plans for a retrial for John Bunn. [Read More]
A former Brooklyn community board leader pulled off a John Hancock hoax to give himself bogus raises, city investigators said. [Read More]
An MTA employee is in legal hot water after he was seen in a video that appears to show him manhandling and choking a teen... [Read More]