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"The Iowa 80 Equipment getting burnt down, how did it get burnt down? Why is nobody ever around to take care of things here? Why... [Read More]
"It really gives consumers an opportunity to meet somebody that's living the 'American Dream', someone that started a business from the ground up," said Bill Brunelle,... [Read More]
"Just the excitement that's in the Quad Cities and to showcase the hotel, showcase the Quad Cities," said Kim Bothel, Stoney Creek Hotel General Manager. [Read More]
"We're just looking for something to be done, where we'll feel safe in the place we've taught to be felt safe since first grade," said Cal... [Read More]
"It's not ideal, it's not the perfect bill, it's not everything that we wanted, it's not going to take care of all of our inequity... [Read More]
"I was so angry, I was upset, I know there's other options of stores to go to but this ones got convenience and the prices... [Read More]
The district needs to find around $20 million over the next five years to keep up with enrollment losses. [Read More]
It doesn't get easier for the sisters of Ben Roseland who's been missing for 10 years. "You can have a good day and everything but... [Read More]
"We're trying to take that inconvenience away and still be able to serve our customers," said Kent Dauphin, Chief Financial Officer for Sullivan's. [Read More]
It will protect the city from rising waters up to 28 feet, that's higher than the flood stage which is 15 feet. [Read More]
On Monday night at the school board meeting Superintendent Kristin Humphries wanted to take time during the school board meeting to assure parents a security... [Read More]
February 23 was a night that Sammy Hodgett had been waiting for, "I get to see Blake Shelton," said Sammy. The experience had been a... [Read More]
Palmer College wants to replace homes with new student housing, athletic fields and classroom upgrades. [Read More]
 "The support is wonderful, we feel very blessed that people in the community have taken the time, spent their hard earned money to support us... [Read More]
The facts surrounding an alleged hate crime involving a Sikh Uber driver remain in dispute, with the driver claiming a gun was put to his... [Read More]
Members of the Muscatine City Council participated in an active shooter drill on February 15, at city hall. Muscatine city leaders were told to imagine... [Read More]
"The idea that we can choose better for people for food, rather than letting them go to the store and choose food for themselves, I... [Read More]
Burglaries and car thefts across the city have both had more than 20 offenses in 2017 and they go hand-in-hand. [Read More]
At Snowstar Winter Sports Park when the snow falls it creates a winter wonderland. [Read More]
The scholarships are awarded to people who are employed or have a parent employed with an auto dealership in the Quad City area. [Read More]