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Are you curious about something in your community? Let us know, and we'll report the answer as part of our Find Out Florida series. [Read More]
Irving Roth said he didn't understand why he was at Auschwitz. [Read More]
Richard Rose was a chameleon onstage. [Read More]
In an effort to advocate for more funding for the National Science Foundation, UF President Kent Fuchs invited Congressman Ted Yoho to UF. [Read More]
To show students, vegan and non-vegan alike, meatless options, the UF Student Animal Alliance held a free Thanksgiving feast — with no seconds. [Read More]
Beginning Summer B 2018, incoming freshmen won't be able to apply for the undergraduate athletic training bachelor's program in the College of Health and Human... [Read More]
In an effort to spark a discussion about conservative values, UF's Young Americans for Freedom hosted former U.S. Treasurer Angela "Bay" Buchanan for a speech... [Read More]
After being born in a Syrian refugee camp with an upper limb birth defect, 10-year-old Mohammed received a new hand Sunday. [Read More]
On the one year anniversary of the 2016 presidential election, Marcela Mulholland wanted people to connect. [Read More]
Thousands of Hispanic Gainesville residents and fans of Latin culture ate empanadas, danced to salsa music and learned more about each other's cultures Saturday afternoon... [Read More]
Despite low overall voting rates in the 2016 presidential election, UF saw an increase in student voters. [Read More]
Noel Montano takes the stage on Bo Diddley Community Plaza. The 46-year-old has been making music for 19 years. [Read More]
In August 2005, Desmond Meade hit his rock bottom. [Read More]
For the third year in a row, UF's branch of Cru, the Campus Crusade for Christ, will go on a mission trip to Cuba and... [Read More]
To honor the lives of immigrants and their families, the Student Government Multicultural Affairs Cabinet and UF Chispas celebrated "I Am An Immigrant" day Wednesday. [Read More]
Steve Wozniak has been to seven Fests as an attendant, an employee and a performer. [Read More]
To address concerns from exams, natural disasters and controversial speakers, the UF Counseling & Wellness Center held a Mid-Semester Wellness Pit Stop to engage students... [Read More]
On Nov. 9, X Ambassadors and Real Estate will perform in the first free concert of the school year. [Read More]
UF will offer free online courses to displaced college students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. [Read More]
This week on The Point podcast, a story from Florida's death chamber, a lesson on the First Amendment and university campuses, and the scene at... [Read More]