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"Officer Tony Carlson's actions embodied Tallahassee Police Department's philosophy of community oriented policing," said Chief Michael DeLeo. [Read More]
Two women plan on filing a discrimination lawsuit and are planning another nurse-in protest for next month. [Read More]
"What he needs more than anything is kindness and love… please keep him in your prayers," Marisha Camp said. [Read More]
The producers have said the revival series will be "contemporary" but will keep the "mythology" of the original." [Read More]
"I freaked out," Bryan Redman said. "I got out of there, ran out of there, got into the car, locked the doors." [Read More]
"I would do it for you for 1,500 my minimum is much higher," Samantha Markle said. [Read More]
The government is also considering a proposal to extend the length of time a child can be used as a spy. [Read More]
Only five percent believe that the U.S. benefited more from the Helsinki summit with Putin. [Read More]
"This video is shocking. Today we have the feeling that in Macron's entourage one is above the law," Laurent Wauquiez said. [Read More]
Katrina Shangreaux, 30, was enraged when she came home to find her two-year-old son had wet the bed. She then beat him to death. [Read More]
"Act like a humanitarian act like a woman! If our father dies I'm holding you responsible, Meg!" Samantha Markle said. [Read More]
"It was a ten-inch orangey body and then there was a fin and then I got out, and my leg was bloody," Lola Pollina, 12,... [Read More]
The statue depicts an iconic scene in Jurassic Park where Malcolm is leaning back with his shirt open after being attacked by a T-Rex. [Read More]
"Make sure you're strapped in. Strap in," a passenger said, seconds before the plane crashed into the ground. [Read More]
Unnamed agent is the first to die on active duty since 2005. [Read More]
"The fact that these students, all of whom are African-American, were scared and humiliated is unacceptable to us," Washington University said. [Read More]
"I remain a proud conservative and Republican, but I resigned today... I did so as a matter of conscience, and my sense of duty," Chris... [Read More]
"I was asking myself when are you going to ask him for an autograph or a selfie... What's the matter with you?" Schwarzenegger said. [Read More]
The New York Daily News cover depicts a cartoon Trump shooting Uncle Sam in the head with a revolver while holding hands with a topless Putin. [Read More]
"[Trump] lives now inside his own version of reality almost 100 percent of the time," Tony Schwartz said. [Read More]