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The Florida woman who took in school shooter Nikolas Cruz says she wanted to "strangle" him when she saw him after the massacre. [Read More]
Kimberly Snead encountered Nikolas Cruz, who stayed at her house before the massacre, at the local police station. [Read More]
Anthony Borges, a 15-year-old soccer player, put his body between shooter Nikolas Cruz and his fellow students on Wednesday. [Read More]
Figures including Archbishop Desmond Tutu have ended their relationships with the charity. [Read More]
Survivors said Anthony Borges stood in a doorway and was hit five times. [Read More]
Officials including Chief of Staff John Kelly, who after the first allegations praised Porter, said they were shocked by the photos. [Read More]
The gunman who slaughtered students and teachers at a Florida high school picked up his alleged murder weapon just days after being kicked out last... [Read More]
Cruz withdrew from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on Feb. 8, 2017, and bought his weapon on Feb. 11. [Read More]
Make America Utah again? [Read More]
Karen McDougal had a nine-month relationship with the future President after he married his third wife Melania, according to the report. [Read More]
Administration officials had said they were shocked by the revelations. [Read More]
Bannon and the White House want to limit the scope of the questions asked to him. [Read More]
Nikolas Cruz, 19, legally bought the AR-15 he used to massacre high school students, according to a lawyer. [Read More]
President Trump put blame for the massacre of at least 17 people on those around the shooter who did not report "many signs" of violence. [Read More]
YouTube vlogger Ben Bennight alerted the FBI to an alarming comment on one of his videos. [Read More]
Shooter Nikolas Cruz had a key to the safe where the weapon of war was kept, according to a family lawyer. [Read More]
The scandal started after someone noticed billionaire Oleg Deripaska and a government minister in the video of a model. [Read More]
Rolan van Hauwermeiren has now been accused of hiring prostitutes while working in Haiti, Chad and Liberia. [Read More]
The Senate is holding an open debate on immigration proposals this week. [Read More]
She claimed that the Dutch success in speed skating comes from skating on canals. [Read More]