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The Maine Ethics Commission will decide this week whether a court order was enough to release clean election funding or if legislative approval is still... [Read More]
The governor wants the paralyzed Legislature to consider child welfare bills, tax conformity and a bill aimed at shielding elderly Mainers from municipal foreclosure. [Read More]
This isn't the first year that a political impasse in the Maine Legislature has caused sessions to drag into August. [Read More]
Candidates aired ideas that included repealing an unmet education funding requirement, bolstering revenue sharing and tracking nonprofit contributions to communities in talks with municipal manager…... [Read More]
A legislative session that was set to end this week is in chaos, with spats over old and new bonds and a purported 11th-hour proposal... [Read More]
Gov. Paul LePage's refusal to sign more voter-approved bonds that could impact thousands of Maine workers this summer is causing harsh responses from other legislative... [Read More]
The governor chastised his own allies for agreeing to come back to Augusta. Now, he's submitting his own long-shot bills. [Read More]
Lawmakers look poised to come back to Augusta next week with many issues left unresolved for 2018. [Read More]
The Republicans have a gubernatorial nominee, ranked-choice voting is here to stay and a candidate with a suspended law license won a district attorney primary... [Read More]
Ads that promote Democratic 2nd Congressional District candidate Lucas St. Clair without disclosing donors are still the biggest issue in the race. [Read More]
It's not policy that Janet Mills and Adam Cote disagree on, it's the past. [Read More]
Maine legislators got some work done on Wednesday, but they still have more to do and left the State House on a sour note. [Read More]
Lawmakers are moving swiftly toward proposing measures they think will strengthen protections for abused children, but not swiftly enough for some. [Read More]
A bill left unfinished by the Legislature earlier this year could prevent the Maine Ethics Commission from dispersing clean election funds to candidates after July... [Read More]
The state is telling school districts not to worry if the Legislature doesn't return to Augusta to approve a perennial bill releasing funding. [Read More]
The front-runner in the field is drawing criticism, but Democrats mostly agree on taxes while dividing on some of the specifics. [Read More]
Lame-duck Gov. Paul LePage is hitting the campaign trail for a U.S. Senate candidate in Massachusetts. [Read More]
The Maine Legislature adjourned for the year on Wednesday without getting a lot of work done. Now, House Republicans are casting doubt on whether they... [Read More]
Lawmakers will have 20 votes to consider when they return to Augusta tomorrow and Democrats want to stick around longer. [Read More]
It's a beautiful spring day outside, but political rhetoric in Maine remains ugly. [Read More]