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Greens-proposed five-year ban on lobbying by former politicians and officials fails to pass Senate... [Read More]
Mathias Cormann says lobbying regime 'properly enforced' and there is a robust framework to combat corruption... [Read More]
Lobbying expert says there's 'very little incentive' to comply with the code of conduct... [Read More]
Eight former defence figures, most high-ranking, are now lobbyists for military contractors... [Read More]
Katrina Hodgkinson and Larry Anthony – as well key Labor and Liberal figures – are part of an industry with little oversight... [Read More]
The system has little oversight and private interests are represented by ex-politicians and staffers... [Read More]
Revealed: more than half of lobbyists have previous history within government or parties and a quarter were staffers... [Read More]
Crossbencher Rex Patrick says Christian Porter's response to questions about the case did not meet obligations... [Read More]
Judge condemns NDIA after it insisted a woman living with cerebral palsy use compensation money to pay back $100,000... [Read More]
Report finds 30-40% of donations in the past decade came from untraceable sources... [Read More]
Government solicitor knew of upcoming Timor-Leste book and advised against broader Asis disclosures... [Read More]
Excluding the companies from the Australian network has angered Beijing, but foreign minister says it protects national security... [Read More]
Turnbull government chaos escalates amid more ministerial resignations and a formal request for a second spill... [Read More]
PM refuses to let ministers, including Steve Ciobo quit, while challenger calls for royal commission on fuel prices. Follow all the developments live... [Read More]