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As he typically does, President Trump is blaming someone else, this time the Fed, for the economy not reaching his 3% growth projection or up... [Read More]
Tesla is asking employees to volunteer to deliver a huge number of cars in the last two weeks of the quarter. If it doesn't pull... [Read More]
After doing the research that he should have done before he started tweeting, Elon Musk decided to not try and take Tesla private. He found... [Read More]
JP Morgan reversed course on its price target for Tesla. It was raised from $195 to $308 after Musk tweeted about going private at $420,... [Read More]
In some ways, Elon Musk is invaluable for Tesla. His vision and determination have made it what it is today with over $50 billion in... [Read More]
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have very little to no correlation to other asset classes. They could be a worthwhile investment in a turbulent market if... [Read More]
While overall GDP growth has been solid, higher inflation is keeping wages in check. Combine that with a ballooning federal deficit from Trump's tax cuts... [Read More]
All it takes is the SEC to delay a decision to wipe out over $10 billion in Bitcoin's market cap... [Read More]
Elon Musk set off a lot of speculation about taking Tesla private. When you add up the outstanding stock, debt and stock options the total... [Read More]
The dumping of a large number of Bitcoin's and the announcement a few days later seems to be the reason that Bitcoin has fallen over... [Read More]
Depending on if you use basic or diluted share counts makes for a $2 difference in Apple hitting the $1 trillion market cap. [Read More]
With better than expected iPhone ASP, strong services & China revenue growth and better than expected September revenue guidance the stock is trading at a... [Read More]
Revenue guidance is one of the key numbers released when Apple reports its results. With expectations largely in check, the mid-point for September's revenue probably... [Read More]
Apple's shares are neither oversold or overbought going into June quarter's results announcement. Unless guidance is meaningfully better than expected the shares may stay in... [Read More]
All eyes will be on Tesla's cash flow statement when it announces its June quarter results on Wednesday. These are 7 items to be on... [Read More]
There were multiple positives and a few negatives in the June quarter GDP growth rate of 4.1%, some of which were one-time events. The key... [Read More]
The first estimate for June quarter's GDP came in at a solid 4.1%, but a little short of most projections. On a trailing four quarter... [Read More]
Apple's shares traded low enough in April that may have enticed Warren Buffett to buy more of the company's stock. [Read More]
Hedge funds that invest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have performed better than Bitcoin this year, but losing 49% isn't something to write home about. [Read More]
President Trump's tariffs could get China to invest in other countries ability to produce soybeans and other crops. This could permanently have a negative impact... [Read More]