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"For 100 years, my dad, my dad's dad, the family's firstborn son was always given that Danish name," said Mortensen. [Read More]
In "Speed Kills," Lutz plays a young chauvinistic mob guy's son. He stars opposite John Travolta and Matthew Modine. [Read More]
"Titanium. I'm now bionic. I tore it, and had to have it replaced. I'm very into rehab and working out a lot — three or... [Read More]
The film received a standing ovation and rave reviews at the Venice, Toronto and Telluride film festivals. [Read More]
Matthew McConaughey. The film's "White Boy Rick." On-screen, his usual scene stealing. Off-screen, his usual scene stealing. Rain's pouring. His arrival time's 6:30. The screening... [Read More]
Keira Knightley in the true story "Colette" plays a novelist in Paris turned her husband's ghostwriter. [Read More]
The film "Bel Canto" deals with rebels invading a South American gala as a soprano is performing. Its action brings along Renée Fleming who's everywhere... [Read More]
"I certainly respect a mother and father's decision for their own child, but still can't rationalize allowing a son to die," she said of her... [Read More]
"Maybe I got a little rusty, but I owned a motorcycle years back." [Read More]
"I never thought we'd get this award," he said. [Read More]
The film follows a Texas singer and songwriter Blaze Foley, who few knew. [Read More]
"Hollywoodites change husbands like they change clothes," an expert said. [Read More]
"It's an entirely new generation. And satisfies fans who saw it originally." [Read More]
The Life and Times of the Temptations" will run at Broadway's Imperial Theatre next spring. [Read More]
B'WAY-bound is another musical about music. Story of the Temptations, "Ain't Too Proud" ain't too proud to test out at Ahmanson in Los Angeles. John... [Read More]
"Berlin stuck his famous patriotic song 'God Bless America' in a trunk with other unused material." [Read More]
Director Roger Michell knew all knew one another and put them together. [Read More]
November '08 we talked of the heroic years he has known, and the someday experience he might know. [Read More]
New York, a film location for hundreds of movies, is also the location of the 56th New York Film Festival. Thirty newies include works by... [Read More]
A blessing on director Joel Grey's head: Mazel tov! Mazel tov! [Read More]