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Mark O'Rowe's compelling new work draws breathtaking performances from Aisling O'Sullivan, Cathy Belton and Derbhle Crotty... [Read More]
The fun moments cannot lift Bryony Lavery's workaday production... [Read More]
The playwright directs a terrific revival of his 1978 play centred around a happy couple who want for nothing…... [Read More]
A thrilling collaboration between a circus and dance company full of daring leaps and bounds, and a giant Jenga set... [Read More]
Themes of kindness and inclusivity are threaded cleverly through a lavish, thrilling adaptation... [Read More]
An action-packed production tells the story of the local man who invented big-top entertainment 250 years ago... [Read More]
Children's Wood and North Kelvin Meadow, GlasgowNational Theatre of Scotland's pioneering play transports the audience into the individual worlds of autistic performers... [Read More]
An inventive adaptation of the Cliff Richard movie takes its audience all aboard for an unashamedly feelgood outing... [Read More]
The staple figure of Slavic folklore is wittily recreated as a noisy neighbour with magical powers... [Read More]
Unconvincing plotting and a tension-free narrative hamper this adaptation of Paula Hawkins's novel... [Read More]
Jonathan Lewis stars in his own perceptive play about exam pressures within a family... [Read More]
Although Golda Rosheuvel gives a tremendous performance as Othello, setting the play in the present undermines the tragedy... [Read More]
Lawrence Till's adaptation of Bill Naughton's short stories makes a fitting final production before the building's refurbishment... [Read More]
An estranged couple's struggle to come to terms with past trauma is hampered by a poor choice of set design... [Read More]
Deborah McAndrew puts an intelligent new slant on a classic novel as Northern Broadsides add extra oom-pah... [Read More]
Clough's ill-fated tenure at Leeds United is turned into a finely performed, if loosely structured, three-hander... [Read More]
New Vic, Newcastle-under-LymeTheresa Heskins expertly blends the political and the personal in her version of Elizabeth Robins's 1907 drama... [Read More]
Home, ManchesterAnnie Baker's emotion-driven play is not so much Chekhov as RD Laing-lite... [Read More]
The haves and have-nots meet to ramp up Spitfire production in Howard Brenton's lively new play... [Read More]
Moral conundrums abound in this 'breath-holdingly taut' tale of an dying millionaire who asks her nurse to end her life... [Read More]