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Moral conundrums abound in this 'breath-holdingly taut' tale of an dying millionaire who asks her nurse to end her life... [Read More]
Self-pity and misogyny meet melodrama in Conor McPherson's 2000 chamber piece about an alcoholic's Christmas Eve search for redemption... [Read More]
Rona Munro's sharply observed portrait of three generations of women caught up in Belfast's violence... [Read More]
Four ramblers discuss Britishness and belonging in Testament's arresting play set in the Peak District... [Read More]
A well-intentioned adaptation of EM Forster's classic lacks complexity... [Read More]
Part of the London international mime festival, this technically accomplished, cross-genre work inspired by animal movements impresses, but lacks definition... [Read More]
Enid Blyton's gang of young sleuths drop the middle-class trappings in a show that is childlike but never childish... [Read More]
A superb staging of the L Frank Baum classic works its magic in plain view with picture-book clarity... [Read More]
Relocated to Harlem, this fine new production of Frank Loesser's classic musical retains a threat of violence under a cartoon-bright exterior... [Read More]
Movement, puppetry, flight and design conjure a dazzling trip to Narnia that makes up for storytelling weaknesses... [Read More]
A thrilling script and clever set give these ancient tales a dazzling new charm... [Read More]
A new adaptation and a fresh young cast bring Dickens's classic tale to vivid, chorusing life... [Read More]
The story of Jayaben Desai, heroine of the notorious Grunwick strike in the 70s makes you laugh, feel and think... [Read More]
Peake's rich new play, with music by the Unthanks, tells the story of the Hull women who fought the government on fishermen's safety and won... [Read More]
Six actors play 37 roles in a beautifully balanced production of Dylan Thomas's classic play for voices... [Read More]
Denise Black stars as a hard-drinking matriarch in this slimmed-down reimagining of the Russian's play, relocated to Pembrokeshire in 1982... [Read More]
A young woman comes to fear that her dying father is harbouring a grim secret in this powerful domestic thriller... [Read More]
Needlessly fleshed out and lacking focus, this Ibsen adaptation feels sadly jerry-built... [Read More]
Slung Low's four-part floating spectacle is not as immersive as it thinks it is... [Read More]
A fast-paced adaptation of the 18th-century French satire sees Northern Broadsides director/performer Barrie Rutter bow out in style... [Read More]