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It would be a major wasted opportunity if the odd bad idea, like the affiliate tariff, derailed tax reform. [Read More]
The effects of NAFTA withdrawal would fall particularly hard on U.S. farmers and ranchers. [Read More]
Big tariffs will undermine a core component of the president's agenda — promoting domestic manufacturing. [Read More]
Misapplying rules to serve the protectionist agendas of two companies would undermine U.S. credibility at a time of rising protectionist sen... [Read More]
While fiery rhetoric about China and the TPP may have worked on the campaign trail, the decision to withdraw from the agreement has hurt the... [Read More]
The trade agreement would benefit from reforms, but the U.S. should opt against throwing it out. [Read More]
While Bannon was able to claim TPP's scalp, we've thus far avoided a full-scale assault on other trade agreements. [Read More]
If Congress fails to pass the No Regulation Without Representation Act, states will continue to push to tax and regulate beyond their border... [Read More]
The Treasury Department is signaling its intent to sign a bilateral agreement between the United States and the European Union covering insu... [Read More]
A petition recently filed with the International Trade Commission by an Atlanta-based solar manufacturer could cause solar prices in the... [Read More]
Allowing states to tax business beyond their borders undermines the idea of federalism. [Read More]
Given Lighthizer's history as a lawyer for the domestic steel industry, free-traders were understandably concerned about his nomination to b... [Read More]
Congress should pass the CHOICE Act to make it happen. [Read More]
There are essentially two paths for the Trump administration to follow through on its protectionist promises. [Read More]
Shortly after President Trump was elected, congressional leaders set an aggressive schedule for addressing healthcare, taxes, and financial services this calendar year. With the prolonged... [Read More]
Robert Lighthizer, President Trump's United States Trade Representative nominee, will testify before the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday afternoon. Lighthizer, a former deputy USTR and long-time... [Read More]
Biloxi and other Coast cities are evaluating whether to build public broadband networks to supply internet service to residents, businesses and government offices. The National... [Read More]
By all accounts, President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, is a well-qualified and brilliant... [Read More]
For free traders, the 2016 campaign was dispiriting. Free trade suffered repeated, unwarranted abuse from President-elect Trump, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, making it... [Read More]
After making trade a central plank of his presidential campaign, President-elect Trump's selection for the next United States trade representative was critical for setting the... [Read More]