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The latest scandal to surround the Trump administration has revealed itself to be yet another Rorschach Test test. Critics of President Donald Trump are already... [Read More]
The set of Morning Joe returned to the sort of rapturous and shocked disgust with President Donald Trump, not seen since the earliest days of... [Read More]
President Donald Trump visited the southern U.S. border on Wednesday and took questions about assembled press about his controversially promised border wall that he repeatedly... [Read More]
Just like nearly every other television program that dares discuss the political intrigue of the day, The View also addressed the rather stunning Congressional testimony by... [Read More]
President Trump has named his new, and fourth, National Security Advisor, following the abrupt departure of John Bolton on less than friendly terms. [Read More]
Sandy Hook USA has just released a remarkably chilling video that puts the "back to school" season in the scary context of increased school shootings.... [Read More]
News broke late Tuesday evening that a car had crashed into the lobby of a Trump-branded luxury apartment building in NYC suburb New Rochelle. Given... [Read More]
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski cut a remarkably combative presence during House Judiciary Hearings exploring alleged obstruction of justice charges involving President Donald Trump... [Read More]
[jwvidedo ID=Unf34ioW] The co-authors of a new book about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh appeared on The View to explain the controversies surrounding the New York... [Read More]
Senator Chris Coons appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning and, understanding that there were decent odds that the television was on in the White... [Read More]
President Donald Trump started Monday morning by suggesting that the Department of Justice that serves under his own administration investigate the post-Presidency business dealings with... [Read More]
Joe Scarborough expressed the sort of disappointment one might expect a loving father might explain to a beloved child who made a significant mistake on... [Read More]
The New York Times is walking back salacious allegations against Brett Kavanaugh that was included in an opinion piece published this weekend. The opinion piece,... [Read More]