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Two female students at OU have been implicated in a racist video that has students, school administrators and even sorority officials outraged. [Read More]
A former government official recently admitted the FBI worked to keep "progressives" and "socialists" out of government--years after COINTELPRO officially ended... [Read More]
A sheriff's department is ending an agreement with ICE after the agency put a U.S. Marine into detention over false claims that he was undocumented. [Read More]
The Trump admin improperly disregarded the Emoluments Clauses when considering whether President Trump's lease on the Old Post Office Building was legal. [Read More]
Trump's lead attorney Rudy Giuliani reportedly "hates the job" because "Trump is very hard to deal with." [Read More]
Federal employees must work without a paycheck as the longest-running government shutdown in history continues, a court in Washington, D.C. ruled Tuesday. [Read More]
The Trump administration was handed a thorough shellacking in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) on Tuesday morning when U.S. District Judge Jesse M.... [Read More]
Solicitor General Noel Francisco is next in line if President Donald Trump decides to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Here's what you need to... [Read More]
A liberal advocacy group is running a new advertisement which links Brett Kavanaugh to President Donald Trump and one-time GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore. [Read More]
A scurrilous and false rumor made its way across the internet this morning regarding the parents of Professor Christine Blasey Ford,... [Read More]
A deceptive mailer making its way into mailboxes across the State of Texas has raised suspicions that Ted Cruz's campaign may have broken the law. [Read More]
A long-serving border agent was arrested by authorities in Laredo who have been hunting down a serial killer terrorizing sex workers in South Texas. [Read More]
Prominent DFW-area defense attorneys believes the probable cause affidavit for Amber Guyger's manslaughter charge is like nothing they've ever seen before. [Read More]
Brett Kavanaugh's SCOTUS nomination was cast into doubt after a letter accusing him of sexual assault was sent to the FBI. Now, he could face... [Read More]
New Jersey Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) was caught on tape suggesting that orphanages would be better than gay adoption. [Read More]
New York State senator Jesse Hamilton is under fire after apparently making anti-transgender comments while campaigning for re-election in South Brooklyn. [Read More]
Papadopoulos is telegraphing his continued loyalty to an alleged--and allegedly ongoing--conspiracy between himself and others to hide untoward Russian... [Read More]
A former counterintelligence expert with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) believes special counsel Robert Mueller has a plan in place to continue his wide-ranging... [Read More]
In the motion submitted on Wednesday morning, Manafort's defense attorneys argued essentially the same points as before--oftentimes quite literally cutting and... [Read More]
Special counsel Robert Mueller's army of attorneys made a fairly embarrassing error by way of a court filing submitted Monday in the ongoing case against an... [Read More]