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Being raised during the 60's I reckon you can say I am part of the Vietnam Generation. Looking on Google they say it's "Gen-X," then... [Read More]
I was sitting down near the May River the other afternoon, just staring at the water and enjoying the late afternoon sea breeze when out... [Read More]
Fishing, fishing and more fishing…is that all there is? Not this time, because I have a few water-oriented tales that don't directly involve fish. [Read More]
Collins Doughtie heads out on a bird hunt in Estill. [Read More]
Columnist Collins Doughtie has seen some amazing sights while blue water fishing in the Lowcountry. [Read More]
Collins Doughtie finally got out on the Lowcountry water to do some fishing for the first time this year. [Read More]
Lowcountry fisherman Collins Doughtie remembers the first salmon he caught. [Read More]
Expect the unexpected if you spend a lot of time on the water. The ocean is to be respected – maybe feared is a better... [Read More]
Al Stokes, Waddell Mariculture Center director, was awarded the Alice Glenn Doughtie Good Citizenship Award, named for Collins Doughtie's sister. [Read More]
You won't catch Collins Doughtie fishing in this cold weather. [Read More]
As you might imagine, I am an avid weather watcher. I'm not talking about flipping on the Weather Channel and waiting for their segment called... [Read More]
The snow last week reminded Collins Doughtie of his best Lowcountry snow tale — involving fire. [Read More]