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HATE preacher Anjem Choudary is spending his days praying up to seven times – and gorging on chocolate bars. The cleric piled on two stone... [Read More]
THE former editor of China's largest state-run newspaper has jumped 19 floors to her death amid fears she was struggling with the "mental strain" of... [Read More]
A BOEING 747 cargo plane skidded off a runway and caught fire after crashing through an antenna when it was caught in strong tailwinds while... [Read More]
THIS is the harrowing moment the terrorist responsible for an attack in Australia yesterday stabs an unsuspecting security guard in the neck. Somali-born Mohamed Khalif... [Read More]
MH370 may have been hijacked by hackers who unlocked the cockpit door then depressurised the plane to suffocate everyone inside, it has been claimed. The... [Read More]
A FORMER soldier who knifed his Brit girlfriend 30 times in a horrific killing in Lapland has had his conviction overturned, it is reported. Karel... [Read More]
The pervert, unaware he was being filmed, was seen pretending to speak on the phone as he tried to take a photo up a woman's... [Read More]
Evelina Bledans, 49, was taking part in 'Live', a popular chat show on Russian TV when her decision to undertake IVF was criticised by an... [Read More]
The rap star held nothing back during the rant on Sirius XM radio when he was asked about his thoughts on the divisive US President... [Read More]
THE 35-year-old man allegedly targeted the father-of-two in June after they stopped him hitting a woman. The accused, who cannot be named, has denied doing... [Read More]
Ruth Davidson, 39, who is pregnant with her first child, told how she had self-harmed and had suicidal thoughts when she was younger... [Read More]
Victoria Curthoys, 29, caught a dangerous infection that seeped into old surgery wounds during a fish foot spa treatment in Thailand... [Read More]
A vehicle has ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians in China, killing at least three people and injuring dozens, according to reports... [Read More]
THIS is the horrific moment a man walks into a police station and pulls his "cheating" wife's severed head from a black plastic bag. The... [Read More]
THIS is the moment an apparently very horny man broke into a sex shop vending machine in order to steal a blowup doll inside. The... [Read More]
A KNIFEMAN in Paris has stabbed a postman in the throat with scissors in the second attack to occur in the French capital in the... [Read More]
HUNDREDS of gold coins with an "inestimable" value have been discovered buried beneath a cinema in northern Italy. The coins, found by labourers during renovations... [Read More]
A doctor found a spider living inside a man's ear - and even spinning webs to make itself at home. [Read More]
A young British woman was found dead in swimming pool on a dream holiday in Bali – just before her boyfriend was due to propose.... [Read More]
THIS is the moment a doctor finds a spider living inside a man's ear – and even spinning webs to make itself at home. Ear,... [Read More]