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Niclas Brulls swallowed the one-inch ball at his home in the city of Cologne, Germany, on Boxing Day. [Read More]
Katie Cornelis, from Connecticut, claimed the stops could be used as a last resort to barricade shooters outside of classrooms. [Read More]
one of a group of three Joshua Hayden spotted while out shooting - launched itself at his car while he was lining up a shot... [Read More]
Rosangela Almeida dos Santos, from Brazil, desperately tried to fight her way out of the wooden casket, which had been nailed shut and buried inside... [Read More]
The Asian actress was meant to portray an African mum - but her costume included blackface, a bowl of fruit on her head and a... [Read More]
The superstitious vegetable farmer in India says he put up scarecrows of porn star-turned-Bollywood-actress Sunny Leone to stop passers-by giving his crops the evil eye. [Read More]