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The actor's East Village bar, Club Cumming, is a place he can spontaneously perform, do some bartending or simply socialize. [Read More]
"The purpose of this service is to excite you," began Rabbi Perry Berkowitz, who along with his sister, Rabbi Leah Berkowitz, runs East Side Synagogue,... [Read More]
A brother-and-sister rabbi team held their usual unusual Rosh Hashana service, with a gospel choir singing songs in Hebrew. [Read More]
Monday: Key dates for fall cases, and nostalgic city spots. [Read More]
Tell us what places in New York — gone or still hanging on — that you love the most and why. [Read More]
With its senior captains reaching retirement age, a Fire Island ferry service seeks replacements to transport vacationers, celebrities and bagels. [Read More]
Dr. Linda Dahl, a throat doctor to many Broadway actors, is known for her emergency visits to dressing rooms of panicking performers. [Read More]
Even while rapidly weakening from Stage 4 cancer, Ruth Turner, 92, continues her decades-long practice of keeping score at Yankees games. [Read More]
The flight restrictions that occur when President Trump visits his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., may force some small airports or businesses to close unless... [Read More]
In an untold chapter of the AIDS epidemic, scores of unclaimed bodies were buried in a remote spot on Hart Island. How many exactly remains... [Read More]
Immigrant students from working-class neighborhoods have made Grover Cleveland High School in Queens a lifeguarding powerhouse. [Read More]
A shop in New York is as much a visual flight of fancy as a jazz solo is an auditory one. [Read More]
For Matthew J. Boylan, a reference librarian who fields questions from the public, his father and a famous trial spurred a commitment to public service. [Read More]
Carolyn Waters runs New York City's oldest library, and is a den mother to the many writers who flock there to work. [Read More]
After the sudden death of a neighborhood fixture, an Upper West Side block re-examines its values. [Read More]
In Perry Ritter's tiny saxophone repair shop in Midtown Manhattan, prominent jazz musicians mix with a menagerie of sculptures Mr. Ritter makes from sax parts. [Read More]
Museum will allow patrons to be groomed in old-time style. [Read More]
Even her closest friends and relatives had no idea that Sylvia Bloom had amassed a fortune over the decades. In her will, the frugal legal... [Read More]
Arthur Rubinoff is opening a museum dedicated to the craft, offering haircuts with golden scissors alongside displays of vintage chairs, striped poles and towel steamers. [Read More]
Kew Gardens in Queens is known as "Crew Gardens" for its popularity with airline crew members who work at the two nearby airports. [Read More]