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What if we all left the office at the same time kids leave school? [Read More]
"If you are not able to do something, that is true for the present, not for the future." [Read More]
For years, software engineer Linus Torvalds—creator of the Linux kernel, the basis of the Linux operating systems—has been as well known for his combative attitude…... [Read More]
Among the symptoms of dementia is a phenomenon called "sundowners syndrome": an increase in agitation, confusion, and anxiety as late afternoon transitions to evening. Its…... [Read More]
Editor's note: This post was written in three back-to-back five-minute sessions on The Most Dangerous Writing app. I can't stop typing. Quite literally. The app…... [Read More]
It's called the "dinner party problem": A table of four or fewer people may happily converse as one, but a party of five or more…... [Read More]
The breach affected 147 million people. [Read More]
There used to be only three ways off of a kidney transplant waiting list. The first was to find a healthy person from within one's…... [Read More]
In an interview with the Washington Post last month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the company was experimenting with features that would promote material from…... [Read More]
Even for someone who did not know Anthony Bourdain, who saw his shows only sporadically and did not own a copy of Kitchen Confidential, the…... [Read More]
The recent internet chatter over former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens's supplemental work at the grocery chain Trader Joe's was strange for many reasons. It's…... [Read More]
Let's be honest about how hard this is. [Read More]
Skills matter. How you learned them may not. [Read More]
Sale of prescription opioids in the US quadrupled in the 15 years between 1999 and 2014, peaking with the 255 million opioid prescriptions US doctors…... [Read More]
The romanticized view of summer vacations is of carefree, sun-dappled stretches of relaxation, outdoor exploration, and family togetherness. The reality is a more often a…... [Read More]
It's not necessarily illegal to announce that you want to take your company private on Twitter, as Elon Musk appeared to do earlier this week.…... [Read More]
Monsanto argued there's no scientific consensus that its most popular weedkiller causes cancer. The company is right—but still in the wrong, a jury found. [Read More]
When Brexit upends the labor market for care work, the burden won't be shared equally. [Read More]
Ask Americans how much time they spend slacking off at work, and they're likely to . . . hedge. Other people may waste hours on…... [Read More]
Here's what I know about humans: you'll pay attention to anything with sharks in it. Put a shark fin on a movie poster and you…... [Read More]