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William Spencer Arbuckle died of a massive coronary on July 16, 2018 at the age of 81. [Read More]
Lt. Colonel Richard Burton Hayward passed away on July 27, 2018 from natural causes. [Read More]
Roughly 18 months ago, Your Natterer wrote a feature story on Coronado resident Richard Williams, who is now 82 and still going strong in his... [Read More]
At a rally of screaming fans flipping off the attending press: "Pay no attention to what you see or read. It is all fake news.... [Read More]
Sadly, after 19 fun years Costa Azul will be closing it's doors at 1031 Orange Avenue. [Read More]
Coronado is abuzz with the news that Bay Books and Costal Azul will not make the cut to co-inside with the new owners' vision for... [Read More]
Pope Francis is a wonderfully jovial, humble and popular leader but sometimes I wish he'd be a little more specific in providing spiritual guidance to... [Read More]
On June 1, 2018 Donald Trump ordered Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, to stop the closing of unprofitable coal and nuclear operations, irrespective of national... [Read More]
The Optimist Club of Coronado would like to thank the community for their support in helping make the 47th Annual Sports Fiesta a great success.... [Read More]
The newspapers have been saying the ice caps at North and South Poles are melting. Water will cover the world continents in the future. The... [Read More]
Captain James R. Rabun was born in Warren County, Georgia on January 29, 1927, and graduated from Warrenton High School in June 1944. Upon graduation... [Read More]
In a rare double, the Coronado Aquatics Club (CAC), the off-season home of the Islander Boys Water Polo Team, sent two squads to participate in... [Read More]
It's never easy to say goodbye especially when you have poured your entire life into a business. Doug Andersen, owner and general manager of Coronado... [Read More]
Ted Nulty is a difficult man to interview, but not because he's not engaging or willing to talk. Simply the number of successful things he... [Read More]
If you're a book lover, the next several paragraphs will be right up your alley. Starting mid-summer, a sub-committee of the Literary Arts Working Team... [Read More]
The City of Coronado Cultural Arts Commission (CAC) and the Coronado Eagle & Journal are partnering to create a one of a kind commemorative magazine... [Read More]
Think of a living room where you can enjoy a coffee drink, glass of wine, have a bite to eat and gather with your friends... [Read More]
Over the past couple of years, winners of the Coronado Chamber of Commerce's Lewis R. Hardy, Jr. Award, Bill Gise in 2017 and Mary Ann... [Read More]
Commander Naval Surface Forces, Vice Adm. Rich Brown, addressed the Coronado Roundtable at its well-attended July meeting at the Coronado Public Library. The Coronado-based three-star... [Read More]
Carole Hutchins received a call saying her 14-year-old granddaughter was in jail after she and her friend were arrested during a traffic stop. The caller,... [Read More]