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He is a Welsh charity worker who has always wanted to make films. Now Ryan Hooper's life is set to change after he found himself... [Read More]
A Clockwork Orange author only managed entries for three words and his abortive labours were thought to have gone for ever... [Read More]
Passages quoted in new edition of Eliot's correspondence show Vivien Haigh-Wood convinced herself that he had been kidnapped to explain his absence... [Read More]
Stolen Michele Marieschi painting bought in good faith by British man 60 years ago expected to fetch more than £500,000... [Read More]
Oscar-winner Sir Ronald Harwood and twice-nominated William Nicholson urge industry to give writers credit they deserve... [Read More]
Art historian's book sheds new light on the Mona Lisa... [Read More]
Exhibition to feature scenes and artefacts from large-scale winter base where soldiers prepared to conquer Anglo-Saxons in 872... [Read More]
Joep Beving put his album online for fun... [Read More]
Auction house tells cautionary tale after £10,000 loss on 'elaborate fake' picture with forged signature of song writer... [Read More]
Director hails clash between science and political dogma as more relevant than ever... [Read More]
Company aims to reignite interest in Ovid, whose book the Metamorphoses is alluded to in some of the Bard's plays... [Read More]
Veteran actor says Walt Disney would have been horrified by the content of today's video games and films... [Read More]
The actor Morgan Freeman once observed that there was nothing more complicated about his profession than "learning lines and putting on a costume". Now actors... [Read More]
After 10 years at the Globe, Dominic Dromgoole will direct and produce films, following in the footsteps of Stephen Daldry and Sam Mendes... [Read More]
She has given millions to arts and educational charities. Now Dame Vivien Duffield wants to help Oxford University build a humanities library for the 21st... [Read More]
Lana Turner's acting roles may not have been so far from real life. Darwin Porter says he has evidence which makes her the suspect in... [Read More]
Reconstruction is part of research project aimed at gaining insights into the anonymous poor of the medieval city... [Read More]
Film tells how Bert Trautmann, who played in Cup final with broken neck, overcame Nazi past... [Read More]
Miss Brummell, which hangs in an English Heritage home, is 'too messy' to be the master's work, according to Hugh Belsey... [Read More]
J Tomilson Hill attacks 'false statements' over his rejection of National Gallery's bid for Portrait of a Young Man in a Red Cap... [Read More]