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Painting of artist's rural retreat, unseen in exhibition since 1895, will now go on show at National Gallery... [Read More]
Former Lambeth workhouse where actor spent early childhood is the closest Britain has to Chaplin museum, say family in open letter... [Read More]
In a letter written 60 years ago which has just come to light, Cumbrian-born Stan Laurel (left) described Charlie Chaplin (right) as 'mean and cheap'... [Read More]
Actor's biographer says personal archive reveals a 'sensitive, organised man' who was writing two screenplays just before his death in 2013... [Read More]
BartolomÃ... [Read More]
Three rival movies are looking back to the original macabre story... [Read More]
Photographs that have been touched up to make models look perfect in advertisements should be marked as "edited", a male model says today. Jamie Jewitt,... [Read More]
Producers of biopic tell of CIA files on opera-loving secretaries Ida and Louise Cook who repeatedly flew to Germany to rescue refugees... [Read More]
A major new biography on Hudson by Darwin Porter, an award-winning film historian from North Carolina, reveals his affairs with stars such as Marilyn Monroe... [Read More]
Professor suggests history could have taken different path if Hitler had not been rejected by German Socialist party... [Read More]
As Debra Ann Byrd begins residency at Stratford-upon-Avon she says 'colour-blindness' only possible with closed eyes... [Read More]
Alexander Waugh says secret clues confirm that author of world-famous plays was Edward de Vere, who lies in Poet's Corner... [Read More]
Reaching across the centuries, the skeletons unearthed by London's vast Crossrail construction project have exposed the perils of city life up to 450 years a... [Read More]
Crystal sphere in Salvator Mundi artwork lacks optical exactitude, causing experts to speculate over motive and authenticity... [Read More]
Watford Gap discovered to be key geographical divide between invaders and Anglo-Saxons... [Read More]
'My private life being an open sewer, I am sometimes a little touchy,' wrote the author... [Read More]
Benny Andersson has slammed plans for the Mamma Mia! sequel, currently filming in Croatia, accusing the producers of 'playing it safe' by 'making a copy'... [Read More]
Biographer Hilary Spurling unmasks 'vengeful' posthumous reviews of Anthony Powell novels by onetime fan... [Read More]
Screenwriter Ron Hutchinson reveals the bizarre truth behind one of the Hollywood giant's final films, The Island of Dr Moreau... [Read More]
A layer of black anaerobic soil at a site near Hadrian's Wall led archaeologists to find military and personal possessions left behind by cavalry... [Read More]