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This week's Australia Letter reveals the back story to a dispatch from a small town where a battle over a "massacre" monument has stirred hatred,... [Read More]
A small coastal town had a bitter fight over a monument, and in the end Aboriginal Australians saw their version of history told. [Read More]
A knickknack adorning the Australian prime minister's office wasn't the only expression of his pride in a strict policy on accepting migrants by boat. [Read More]
This week's newsletter focuses on loves, loathes and multicultural representation in illustrations about Australia. It's Bruegel for Oz! [Read More]
Mark Knight's critics point out that he has been accused of racist depictions before. [Read More]
Mark Knight, an Australian cartoonist who set off a storm of outrage with his depiction of Serena Williams at the U.S. Open, says it had... [Read More]
Australia has expanded the power of its immigration ministers for decades. Now, a scandal involving two European au pairs threatens the country's top immigration official. [Read More]
This week's Australia Letter combines art with insight from our readers about what they love and loathe about their country. [Read More]
Our opinion columnist is in Australia, sharing her blistering take on politics and the media in America. [Read More]
After a week of political chaos, the most significant changes involved foreign affairs, immigration and energy. [Read More]
Mr. Morrison is poised to replace Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the latest Australian leader to be ousted in an internal party revolt. [Read More]
Australia is simply part of a larger trend. In country after country, leaders elected to act on our behalf are encouraging or being threatened by... [Read More]
An effort by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to stave off a leadership challenge weakened Thursday as two rivals sought to replace him. [Read More]
Malcolm Turnbull may lose his job because he tried to curtail emissions. He would be the third Australian prime minister recently forced from office in... [Read More]
Malcolm Turnbull narrowly defeated a more conservative rival, Peter Dutton, after a dispute over an energy and climate bill. [Read More]
On Monday, Malcolm Turnbull announced he would delay a climate and energy policy that divided senior figures in the Australian government. [Read More]
This week's Australia Letter gives you a chance to connect with two of our terrific journalists. [Read More]
Penny Smallacombe, head of the Indigenous Department at Screen Australia, shares her picks in this week's Australia Letter. [Read More]
The biggest banks used their position to exploit customers and block competition, a new government report says. In some cases, dead people were charged banking... [Read More]
This week's Australia Letter aims to cheer you up, with a mix of the trivial and inspiring. [Read More]