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One of the strangest things about this supremely strange moment in American political history is the resolve of the Republican Congress and White House to... [Read More]
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retribution over the past, deterrence for the future... [Read More]
The most stupefying question prompted by Democratic Sen. Al Franken being accused of kissing and groping a woman without her consent isn't whether he'll be... [Read More]
The American right could use a lot fewer talk-radio shouters and a lot more policy intellectuals. But that doesn't mean intellectuals are especially good at... [Read More]
No one who cares about the dignity and autonomy of women, or who longs for men to be more than predatory perverts, can fail to... [Read More]
As a political centrist in a sharply polarized time, I'm sometimes asked by progressive friends to recommend contemporary conservatives they should read and wrestle with.... [Read More]
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In a political year marked by unprecedented partisan rancor, political infighting, and noxious scandal, there's something comforting in the perfectly predictable spectacle of a Republican... [Read More]
With the water slowly rising in the West Wing, even those of us who've expressed repeated skepticism about the possibility of impeaching President Trump have... [Read More]
Impeachment isn't about the law. It's about politics. Those feeling a little giddy about the astonishing revelations in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of... [Read More]
"The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble." Matthew Yglesias wrote a column for Vox with that memorable headline last November,... [Read More]
With raw civic sewage flowing freely from the Trump White House each and every day, it's no wonder that journalists and pundits from across the... [Read More]
Knowledge is a tricky thing. Acquiring and deploying it to change the world through technological innovations can inspire great confidence and self-certainty in the... [Read More]
If even a portion of the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein are true, the man is a thoroughgoing predatory sleazebag. The same can be said... [Read More]