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Activists now believe there's only one last chance for meaningful equity in the state's cannabis industry: reserving delivery and social consumption (pot cafe) licenses exclusively... [Read More]
If approved by the state, the acquisition by Surterra Wellness could be "one of the largest" in the US cannabis industry. [Read More]
Advocates said a crackdown on excessive payments from marijuana companies to municipalities could level the pot playing field. [Read More]
Cannabis Control Commission chairman Steve Hoffman had said he hoped the agency would issue a final license Thursday. [Read More]
The decision by GFA Federal Credit Union means consumers should be able to pay for pot with plastic. [Read More]
Good Chemistry's growing operation was shut down after a routine inspection by state regulators. [Read More]
US prosecutors are asking Google for information about an e-mail account linked to the defunct "Northern Herb" delivery outfit. [Read More]
The Cannabis Control Commission may issue final licenses in two weeks, if inspections go according to plan. [Read More]
The controversy over payments from marijuana operators to cities and towns seems likely to end in court. [Read More]
The 4-1 vote immediately drew criticism that it gave municipalities a green light to charge marijuana operators large sums. [Read More]
A Globe review failed to uncover any host community agreements that followed the agency's own guidance. [Read More]
Different methods used by marijuana testing labs produce different results. Regulators appear to have little appetite for reconciling the discrepancy. [Read More]
A new public awareness campaign takes a no-scolding approach as officials work to educate residents on the state's cannabis laws and decrease youth use rates. [Read More]
Will marijuana companies owned by local residents get a leg up on out-of-state operators? City Hall's not saying. [Read More]
Officials sternly warned consumers not to get high and drive, but enforcement could be a challenge. [Read More]
Companies ranging from law firms to gardening equipment suppliers are trying to cash in on Massachusetts' burgeoning marijuana industry. [Read More]
Imagine this scenario: A candidate for governor threatens to completely eliminate the food stamp p... [Read More]
Get the lowdown on when shops will open, how much pot will cost, where you can legally smoke it, and more FAQs. [Read More]
The Cannabis Control Commission will decide Thursday whether to license to a cultivation facility in Milford. [Read More]
The senator has filed a bill with a Colorado colleague to protect state-legal pot industries from federal prosecution. [Read More]