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The transaction, which has not been previously reported, bodes well for the president, who owns roughly $215 million worth of residential real estate in New... [Read More]
When disaster strikes, Sheldon Yellen gets called in to do the dirty work. [Read More]
The report alleges that Ross took several actions with direct and predictable effects on his holdings, and he may have broken the law by doing... [Read More]
Attorneys for Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross reached a deal last week to settle a $4 million dollar lawsuit against Ross and the private equity firm... [Read More]
If even half of the accusations are legitimate, the current United States secretary of commerce could rank among the biggest grifters in American history. [Read More]
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross had dozens of meetings with business executives and foreign officials tied to his personal fortune, according to his official calendar.... [Read More]
For years, Donald Trump fueled his business with piles of cash, making hundreds of millions by selling condos, starring on "The Apprentice" and putting his... [Read More]
During the 13 months that Ross improperly held the stake, Air Lease shares climbed 26%, meaning Ross gained an estimated $12,000 over that time. [Read More]
Three top Democrats asked the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission to open an insider trading investigation into Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in... [Read More]
In a letter to Peggy Gustafson, inspector general of the Commerce Department, the Congressmen joined a crowd of Democrats demanding greater scrutiny of Ross' finances. [Read More]
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross sat before a panel of senators on Wednesday, where he was scheduled to talk about tariffs, and got a scolding... [Read More]
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross told federal ethics officials last November that he had gotten rid of all assets that he promised to divest. But... [Read More]
In November 2017, Wilbur Ross confirmed in writing to the federal Office of Government Ethics that he had divested everything he promised. But that was... [Read More]
Donald Trump's three European golf courses have long looked like money pits, with not a single one recording an annual profit from 2014 to 2016,... [Read More]
President Trump released a 92-page financial disclose report on Wednesday, offering the most complete look yet at how politics are shaping the fortunes of the... [Read More]
So far, he's down an estimated $400 million since the start of his own presidency. [Read More]
What caused the year-over-year decline? [Read More]
More than 150 Trump tenants--from foreign governments to big banks--throw the president's business some $175 million a year without an accounting of who they are... [Read More]
The president's son lied to the press about how his organization spent its money. [Read More]
Wendy Teramoto, the agency's chief of staff, has maintained the investment in the wake of calls for an investigation. [Read More]