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Those of us who follow the exploits of that famous president we all know and love, Donald Trump, were concerned earlier this month when his... [Read More]
He has won a cult following by playing the wise fool, but his comedic ambitions are much greater than that. If he could only hold... [Read More]
When a protester in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, interrupted a speech by Ryan Zinke to ask why the Interior secretary wouldn't "acknowledge that climate change is... [Read More]
One thing I love about living in Montana is the freedom. With its public schools and Subaru dealerships, Missoula might not be the Wild West,... [Read More]
For the last few weeks, the Matt Rosendale for Senate campaign and its surrogates have made hay over Sen. Jon Tester's "million-dollar" home in Washington,... [Read More]
Last week, the director of the Union Gospel Mission told Indy reporter Derek Brouwer that his organization had stopped providing free meals in order to... [Read More]
I claim to be a political independent, but the only Republican I ever voted for was Bill Clinton. I was 18 and ignorant of his... [Read More]
Everybody loves a conversion story. Saul of Tarsus was on his way to persecute some early Christians when, according to the book of Acts, a... [Read More]
Back when we were young and innocent, journalist Jon Krakauer sued the Montana University System for records related to Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian's... [Read More]
By the time you read this column, President Trump will have arrived in Great Falls, where he will speak in support of Republican senate candidate... [Read More]
I claim to have coherent opinions about what the city of Missoula should do, but in fact there is no pleasing me. I just like... [Read More]
Friday night in Billings, the keynote speaker at the Montana Republican Party's Platform Convention VIP Dinner will be Donald Trump Jr. I support this choice.... [Read More]
Remember when Kanye West was fun? "Man, I swear she fine, homes. / Why she always lying, though? / Telling me they diamonds / when... [Read More]
It's bicycle season in Missoula, and that means one thing: time to ride off the sidewalk and into the street without looking, blow some stop... [Read More]
No word sums up the tension between news organizations' responsibilities as civic watchdogs and their obligations as for-profit businesses like the word "still." When you... [Read More]
With today's 24-hour news cycle and the number of phone applications that require the user to match both colors and shapes, I don't have time... [Read More]
I try not to write about personal news in this column, both for reasons of journalistic craft and because that's how creditors find you. On... [Read More]
One of the stated goals of the Strategy for Distinction — the plan to strengthen the University of Montana and secure its future by cutting... [Read More]
Last week, the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs — on which Jon Tester is the ranking Democrat — issued a joint statement regarding accusations against... [Read More]
The University of Montana released its "Strategy for Distinction" last week. SPOILER ALERT: The strategy is cuts. The 20-page draft report recommends big cuts to... [Read More]