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"You're crippled with debt one day, and the next it's all vanished into thin air." [Read More]
A series of photographs showing injured police officers are genuine, but they are several years old and have noting to do with immigrants or caravans. [Read More]
A satirical article about a secret child born to JFK and Marilyn Monroe resurfaced online years after its original publication. [Read More]
Despite claims that an image of a marine saluting an American flag was deemed offensive by Twitter, we found no evidence that it violated the... [Read More]
A series of fake tweets have been created and circulated in order to denigrate New York Times journalist Sarah Jeong. [Read More]
Politics does make for strange bedfellows at times, but not quite as claimed here. [Read More]
A compilation of acts by a violent American "left-wing mob" uses a mixture of genuine, unrelated, and foreign footage. [Read More]
A photograph of an approaching storm is real, but it was taken months before Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida. [Read More]
A North Carolina middle school's sign was targeted by vandals, not "socialist teachers" trying to indoctrinate children. [Read More]
"I have the most deep conviction that a political party can be called such only if its whole purposes are soundly based in some moral... [Read More]
Donald Trump kinda sorta once said that he'd like to date his daughter Ivanka, but he was clearly joking. [Read More]
Senator Lindsey Graham may have been one of President Trump's biggest supporters in 2018, but that wasn't the case during the 2016 presidential election. [Read More]
Social media users express vehement distaste for fake protest signs -- without realizing they're fake. [Read More]
An image of a grocery store aisle sign is often shared with jokes about single and lonely people. [Read More]
An opinion piece arguing that the United States is in the midst of a Civil War was incorrectly attributed to a veteran and emeritus professor... [Read More]
A picture said to be one of a 15-year-old Christine Blasey Ford has been proffered as "evidence" that Brett Kavanaugh did not sexually assault her. [Read More]
A controversial tweet by Ann Coulter is a few years old and was issued in response to another tweet. [Read More]
A fabricated and nonsensical quote about the September 11th terrorist attacks and President Trump was falsely attributed to actress Jennifer Lawrence. [Read More]
The Minnesota House of Representatives member used a commemorative Quran when she was ceremonially sworn into state office in 2017. [Read More]
A conservative Facebook page's attempt to smear Christine Blasey Ford used a stock photograph of an entirely different woman. [Read More]