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There can be only one ... Barbie. [Read More]
In a surprise move Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that transgender people will no longer be welcomed in the U.S. military. [Read More]
The manhunt has ended. [Read More]
They never let go. [Read More]
The visceral World War II film "Dunkirk" won last weekend's box office and remains one of the best-reviewed war films in history. [Read More]
How can he save you when he can't even shave himself? [Read More]
One apparent road rage incident in England led a former BBC producer to attempt a "citizens arrest" on a family. [Read More]
Police are still searching for a suspect who reportedly attacked five people with a chainsaw in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen. [Read More]
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I don't have friends, I have ... birthdays. [Read More]
Some poo, served just for you. [Read More]
I want to play a game, again. [Read More]
"Valar dontdothis?" [Read More]
Either Herman Cain is fascinated by "Twin Peaks" or his Twitter account has gone rogue. [Read More]
Ron Howard has been busy whipping the Han Solo origin movie into shape! [Read More]
Mighty as they may be, they still have to pee! [Read More]
I am Groot! That, of course, is Groot's way of saying, "Phew!" [Read More]
A dark winter has suddenly fallen upon Ed Sheeran's Twitter followers. [Read More]
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