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Happy Thursday and L'Shana Tova to all the Chosen People. We're continuing to pick up the pieces from Hurricane Irma here in the year 5778.... [Read More]
Florida is getting more medical marijuana growers, potentially leading to greater access and cheaper products. But would-be growers face a tight timeline — about... [Read More]
The most noticeable effects of Hurricane Irma -- debris -- are still all around us, with downed trees chopped into pieces still awaiting pick up.... [Read More]
Amid promises of "never again," federal and state lawmakers vowed Tuesday to require nursing homes to power air conditioning with generators in disaster situations. ... [Read More]
Greetings from North Miami Beach City Hall, where U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami, is holding a town hall on beefing up regulations for long-term care... [Read More]
Here we are a week out from crawling out of our holes and surveying the damage Hurricane Irma left in her wake. Florida Power and Light... [Read More]
We've made it to Friday, but for some without power, it's easy to forget what day it is. As of 9 a.m., power is an... [Read More]
If you haven't fled for points northward and/or boarded up and stocked up, today is the day. At the 11 a.m. advisory, Hurricane Irma was... [Read More]
Speaking from the Miami-Dade Emergency Operations Center in Doral on Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Rick Scott asked Floridians to not only get ready, but to get... [Read More]
Speaking from the Monroe County Emergency Operations Center in Marathon on Wednesday morning, Gov. Rick Scott issued a dire warning about Hurricane Irma. "This... [Read More]
As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, Gov. Rick Scott mobilized the National Guard and ended tolls on Florida highways. -- All tolls throughout Florida will... [Read More]
As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, Gov. Rick Scott mobilized the National Guard, suspended tolls on Florida highways and secured an emergency declaration from President Donald... [Read More]
As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, Gov. Rick Scott mobilized the National Guard and spoke with President Donald Trump. -- Scott asked the president to... [Read More]
Gah! Irma! Category 5! I'll be writing the remaining newsletters this week from a bunker stocked with water, canned food, rum, ammunition, gasoline and the... [Read More]
Some 74,300 Florida residents could face deportation within two years as President Donald Trump ends the program that protects them from deportation. Trump said... [Read More]
Yes, we are still talking about the Confederacy. No, this is not the 19th century.  Where the streets have no name: After almost SIX (6) hours... [Read More]
Bajo la ley estatal, las personas de 16 y 17 años pueden casarse con permiso de los padres. [Read More]
Republicans in the Florida Senate are moving ahead again with an ambitious proposal to boost financial aid for college students. Sen. Bill Galvano filed... [Read More]
Adding to debates across the South about taking down Confederate monuments, all 11 Democrats who represent Florida in Congress issued another call Wednesday for the... [Read More]
Let's go local to kick off today's newsletter, as Fort Lauderdale hammers out a $767 million budget. What's three-quarters of a billion bucks get you?... [Read More]