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A Palestinian official is condemning the U.S. decision to revoke the visas of the family of a Palestinian envoy to the U.S. [Read More]
The U.S. has cut hundreds of millions of dollars for Palestinians, to pressure Palestinian leaders to work with the U.S. on peace efforts. [Read More]
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President Trump said he's trying to pressure the Palestinians into negotiating a peace deal with Israel. The aid had covered critical care for Palestinians at... [Read More]
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After angering Palestinians by officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the Trump administration is now cutting the funding of the U.N. program that aids Palestinian... [Read More]
The Trump administration has been withholding aid to the United Nations' program for Palestinian refugees. It's expected to make the cuts final in what could... [Read More]
The Trump administration announced Friday that it has cut nearly all the money the U.S. had planned to spend on aid projects for the Palestinians... [Read More]
The Trump administration could be on the verge of cutting millions of dollars of aid to the Palestinians, funds that could be critical at a... [Read More]
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Israel's Druze citizens held a protest Saturday of a new law stating Israel is the national home of the Jewish people. They're among the religious... [Read More]
Updated at 12:11 p.m. ET The United States has long boasted of giving more money to help the Palestinian people in recent decades, in development... [Read More]
Cuts in U.S. aid to Gaza are being felt in the desperately poor communities where people are losing food vouchers and some medical services. [Read More]
Israeli authorities released a 17-year-old Palestinian activist after eight months in prison. She's praised by supporters as an icon of resistance but Israelis accuse her... [Read More]
Seventeen-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi has been released from Israeli prison after serving an eight-month sentence for slapping Israeli soldiers during a confrontation that went... [Read More]
Israel passed a law on Thursday to declare that only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country, something members of the Arab minority... [Read More]
We look at how Republican lawmakers are responding to President Trump's inconsistent statements about Russian election interference. Also, The Washington Post's Lisa Rein discusses purges... [Read More]
One small apartment building near the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is emblematic of Israelis' mixed attitudes about the city. [Read More]
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Two weeks after the wave of protests and deadly clashes at the Israeli border, many Gazans are wounded and feeling like the demonstrations didn't bring... [Read More]