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Huawei has now published an open letter directed at Australia's members of Parliament rejecting claims that there are legitimate security concerns with regard to its... [Read More]
Nearly two years after Nintendo and Niantic Labs teamed up to release Pokémon GO, the title is finally getting two features that users have been... [Read More]
AT&T's Smart City Alliance has added a new partner firm called Badger Meter to its mix in order to explore smart city solutions with a... [Read More]
According to one of GlobalData's latest Disruptor Database reports, retailers and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies will need to follow trends in A.I. across several... [Read More]
Google Plus is nowhere near the largest social media platform but is reportedly growing thanks to crackdowns on extremism by Facebook and Twitter. The company... [Read More]
Thumbnail has a new solution which injects A.I. into the hiring process in order to address problems and improve the efficiency of that process. In... [Read More]
A new commit has been pushed to the official Chromium Gerrit Code Review which seems to indicate that the Backdrop wallpaper functionality found in Chromecast... [Read More]
Users of the PayPal owned peer-to-peer social money platform Venmo will officially no longer be able to send or request payments via the website. Those functions have... [Read More]
Samsung has now been ordered to pay $400 million in a dispute of the FinFET chip process for which a patent is held by the... [Read More]
Acer's Chromebook Flip C101 is now officially the latest Chrome OS device expected to be in-line for virtualized Linux app support, following a new commit pushed... [Read More]
A new proposal called the California Consumer Privacy Act appears to be spurring some pretty sizeable opposing contributions from some of the United States' biggest... [Read More]
OpenSpace has now officially launched, bringing A.I.-derived timelines of job site progress to the construction industry. In the shortest possible terms, the company is offering a... [Read More]
An alternative server for the now-defunct Pebble smartwatch line, called Rebble, is getting geared up for launch and requesting that users sign up now to avoid... [Read More]
At last week's Computex 2018 in Taipei, ECS introduced the first-ever headphones to feature standalone support for Amazon's Alexa assistant. Unlike previous technologies to take... [Read More]
Google has released its annual Diversity Report for 2018, showing attrition rates for the first time in the company's history and very little change in... [Read More]
Samsung is getting in on the hype surrounding the launch of Universal Pictures' Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by launching three entirely new themes for its... [Read More]
Chicago's infrastructure project management group, Chicago Infrastructure Trust (CIT), has now chosen Elon Musk's The Boring Company to complete the buildout of the city's Chicago... [Read More]
LineageOS, a widely used custom ROM for Android devices, has a brand new section in its settings app called "Trust," dedicated to informing users with... [Read More]
Just over a week from the initial announcement of Sprint's $15 per month Unlimited Kickstart offer for those who switched to its carrier services, the... [Read More]
Android developers now have another option for issuing refunds to users in cases where determining the validity of a full refund is difficult, such as... [Read More]