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The head of the Arizona Dream Act Coalition rejected President Trump's proposal to extend DACA in exchange for $5.7 billion in border-wall funding.       ... [Read More]
On the weekend before Christmas, a group of volunteers set out to search for the remains of dead migrants on the Barry Goldwater Air Force... [Read More]
A new migrant caravan has left Honduras bound for the U.S. amid government shutdown        ... [Read More]
Volunteers searching the Barry Goldwater Range the weekend before Christmas found the remains of 8 people. A total of 127 remains were found in... [Read More]
Puerto Ricans in Arizona marked the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria. The destruction caused a lot of pain, one Puerto Rican woman said.       ... [Read More]
The head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection says that holding cells are not kept freezing cold on purpose, despite complaints from migrants. [Read More]
Of the 416 migrant children still in custody, 304 have not been reunited with their families because their parents already had been deported. [Read More]
Border Patrol agents use informal methods for reporting assaults, a report by the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General found.        ... [Read More]
The Trump administration's attempt to replace the Flores agreement is expected to be met by litigation.        ... [Read More]
Why changes to family migration and other forms of legal immigration could be the most important.        ... [Read More]
The large group was apprehended in a highly remote part of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument west of Lukeville, the Border Patrol said.      ... [Read More]
McCain frequently traveled to war zones to meet with refugees and offer support to opposition leaders fighting authoritarian rule. [Read More]
The legal claim, a possible precursor to a lawsuit, says Eloy had a duty to maintain safe and sanitary conditions for kids detained at the... [Read More]
For nearly two decades, McCain leveraged his clout as a veteran senator from a border state to push for bipartisan immigration legislation. [Read More]
Caravan members and supporters protested the Trump administration's decision to phase out Temporary Protected Status for more than 300,000 immigrants. [Read More]
The reunification of the mother and son marked the end of ordeal that began May 10, when they were apprehended crossing the border.       ... [Read More]
The Trump administration and the ACLU are at odds over whether the government met a court-ordered deadline to reunify 2,551 children.        ... [Read More]
More than 1,600 children separated from their parents at the border by the Trump administration are expected to be reunited by Thursday's court-ordered deadline, but... [Read More]
The ACLU said in court filings Wednesday that, after reuniting families under a court order, the Trump administration plans to quickly deport them.       ... [Read More]
U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw scolded the government for policy that resulted in families "being separated without forethought as to reunification."        ... [Read More]