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If you are a whitetail enthusiast — either gun or bow — you surely have noticed what has taken place already in this early bow... [Read More]
I've been noticing recently how the gun industry has been marketing handguns that can add a suppressor with ease. You have to wonder if the... [Read More]
I was reading some gun stuff and ran across what sounds like a pretty nice rifle. I bought my daughter a Savage AccuTrigger .243 years... [Read More]
Over the years, we gone through many levels of progressions as humans. As hunters, we also go through progressions as things change and we adapt. [Read More]
Hunters looking for a different hunting adventure, maybe doing one of the state's controlled deer hunts could be a possibility for you. Applications to possibly... [Read More]
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I came across an organization that very well may have a great impact on hunting in the United States. Its name is Hunting Works For... [Read More]
A great topic for the upcoming hunting season is getting landowners' permission before going on someone's land. I'm also seeing the topic of hunting dogs... [Read More]
How crazy it is how time just goes by seemingly so so fast. Summer is just about over and the activities, sounds and smells of... [Read More]
It was sad to hear of the boating accident that I believe led to two fatalities in one of the lakes in West Virginia last... [Read More]
The Department of Natural Resources is asking for your input. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources is asking for public comments on upcoming proposed... [Read More]
It's that time of year when the mama raccoons come out of hiding with their babies and pilfer and ramble through families' porches and garbage... [Read More]
In light of all the warnings out about ticks being really bad this summer, a new product coming out might be able to help provide... [Read More]
I didn't have a very productive 2018 spring gobbler season, but the great thing about hunting is sometimes it's the failures that you remember and... [Read More]
Between being busy and this crazy rainy weather, I just haven't been able to get to the mountains for some relaxation and trout fishing. So,... [Read More]
I have to admit some of the fallout from the shootings we have had in the United States makes one think. Just for instance, let's... [Read More]
A few weeks ago I happened to notice some deer at work grazing before dark, and two of them still had their antlers. After making... [Read More]
All one can say about the weather over the past four or five days is awesome — just awesome. The statewide spring gobbler season opens... [Read More]
The spring turkey hunters just might hit the jackpot this year, because winter seems to not be letting go anytime soon. Maybe it's just me,... [Read More]
I've been trying to get to the trout stream for weeks now, and it just hasn't happened for one reason or another. Finally, last Friday... [Read More]