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The attorney general confirms he met with Trump before writing a letter recommending the FBI director be fired, but won't tell the Senate what Trump... [Read More]
How they stopped chasing the center and started embracing the activists. [Read More]
Federal judge: Trump can't ban entries from Muslim-majority countries, but bans on Venezuela and North Korea are okay. [Read More]
Obsessing over hypocrisy can lead to absurd things. Somehow, the Harvey Weinstein story became a Hillary Clinton story. Clinton, who received campaign donations from the... [Read More]
according to a September memo obtained by CNN's Tal Kopan... [Read More]
Kirstjen Nielsen is an actual homeland security expert palatable to immigration hawks. President Donald Trump nominated Kirstjen Nielsen on Wednesday for one of the most... [Read More]
Most people suffer the consequences of their actions. So far, Trump has not. [Read More]
It depends who's in charge. The extensive list of immigration "priorities" the Trump administration sent to Congress on Sunday night — which amounts to a... [Read More]
Trump's "priorities": restrict asylum, limit family-based legal migration, and build the wall — in exchange for giving legal status, but not citizenship, to 700,000 people. [Read More]
The Trump administration threw 690,000 immigrants' lives into limbo — and only then told the public how many of them there were. [Read More]
A big, beautiful troll. [Read More]
So 50,000 of them are at risk of missing it. Officially, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — which allowed 700,000 unauthorized immigrants who... [Read More]
America First, indeed. Since World War II, the United States has been the world's leader in resettling refugees. Most refugees never got the chance to... [Read More]
As the Trump administration asks the Supreme Court (again) to shut the door on refugees, communities around the US are still trying to roll out... [Read More]
and it's clear that the information of individual DACA recipients isn... [Read More]
This time, it's about refugees. [Read More]
dramatically misrepresenting his own policy. Immigrants whose DACA protections and work permits (which must be renewed every 2 years) are set to expire before... [Read More]
removing deportation protection and work permits from nearly 800,000 young unauthorized immigrants... [Read More]
DREAM Act, RAC Act, BRIDGE Act: three bills with Republican support and a totally unclear path to passage. By announcing Tuesday that it's ending the... [Read More]
They have to put their lives on hold for six months — and their hopes in Congress. President Donald Trump is ending a program that... [Read More]