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His unscripted Charlottesville comments showed where his sympathies truly lie. President Trump wants to be entirely clear: he blames both sides for the violence in... [Read More]
Trunmp's belated response to Charlottesville might have been valuable, but was undermined, Vox reports. [Read More]
His remarks on violence in Charlottesville were ignorance to the point of callousness. White nationalists rallied in Charlottesville this weekend. White nationalists attacked counter-protesters on... [Read More]
RT @ezraklein: This is spot-on: ... [Read More]
He's against "hate" and "violence," and says "Charlottesville sad!," but doesn't name the perpetrators. President Donald Trump tweeted a condemnation of the violence at white-nationalist... [Read More]
The "alt-right" rally was a coming-out party for resurgent white nationalism in America. Hundreds of protesters descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday for a "Unite... [Read More]
What happened at a torchlit rally on the UVA campus. A group of some 100 white nationalists marched on the University of Virginia campus in... [Read More]
But it's not because Trump isn't trying. The Trump administration bragged, and not for the first time, about its crackdown on unauthorized immigrants living in... [Read More]
The government says it's safer. Safer for whom? The courthouse is supposed to be a place where justice is not only meted out to the... [Read More]
specifically, to introduce the possibility that it might in fact be bad in current quantities. The White House also recently held a press conference to... [Read More]
Communities are rolling out the welcome mat for refugees. But Trump keeps shutting the door. Somewhere in a rented storage unit in Northwestern Arkansas, an... [Read More]
With a new Chief of Staff, Trump's refocusing on his top priority: making America afraid again. As a businessman, Donald Trump didn't really get rich... [Read More]
Or, at least, why Trump thinks he is. [Read More]
The president of the United States is explicitly encouraging police violence. [Read More]
Washington is justifiably obsessed with the unprecedented battle between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an early and vocal Trump supporter who now... [Read More]
After months of empty threats, the administration is moving aggressively to defund cities that don't let ICE agents into local jails. It's official: After months... [Read More]
Jeff Sessions is deeply committed to an ideological agenda — and working hard to turn it into reality, Vox reports. [Read More]
The attorney general is deeply committed to an ideological agenda — and working hard to turn it into reality. President Donald Trump, despite his reality... [Read More]
If Trump makes 780,000 young immigrants vulnerable to deportation again, all hell might break loose. President Trump looks like he might be gearing up to... [Read More]
The government's attempt to enforce parts of its travel ban gets whittled down even further. When the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to start... [Read More]