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There's been a lot of chatter regarding what Intel could be planning with respect to its new discrete GPU and core graphics IP strategy, but... [Read More]
These blocks take up a significant chunk of silicon real estate in Turning... Do you think Nvidia would invest large chunks of silicon real estate... [Read More]
Lenovo announced the new ThinkPad X1 Extreme and there are a couple of notable firsts with this new machine that apparently straddles a professional workstation... [Read More]
If you're the type that has the need for this kind of speed, as well as the portability of a pluggable, pocketable storage solution, the... [Read More]
This piece of computing history, and a shining example of how following your dreams can lead to big things, will be made available to the... [Read More]
There's an enterprise market that Samsung is looking relatively well-position to tap into as well, as the company's next generation Galaxy takes flight. [Read More]
Hopefully Intel just started a trend, but regardless, the SSD 660p knocks down price barriers to the glorious gobs of bandwidth associated with NVMe storage. [Read More]
If you've got the spare cash burning a hole in your pocket (and even if you don't), once you've seen a 4K HDR G-Sync panel... [Read More]
Andromeda may well launch Microsoft back into the mobile market again. And multi-display PC laptop designs could be the next evolution of the convertible PC. [Read More]
Will Motorola expand on the capability of its Moto Mods in some way, in an effort to redefine what a smartphone can do from a... [Read More]
Will Motorola expand on the capability of its Moto Mods in some way, in an effort to redefine what a smartphone can do from a... [Read More]
The cards will also be backwards compatible with existing devices and support new devices at the faster speeds and larger capacities. [Read More]
It appears Intel's 14nm product will have to compete toe-to-toe with AMD 7nm product. Not many saw that coming you can be sure. [Read More]
Coupled with Microsoft's announcement of native ARM 64-bit support coming to Windows 10, this new class of power-sipping machines could get even more capable. [Read More]
AMD's Zen 2 will be a true evolution of Zen targeted at 7nm wafer fab technology for volume ramp in 2019. [Read More]
T-Mobile and Sprint have finally come to terms and agreed to a merger of the two companies, in an effort to create a mobile carrier... [Read More]
Shares of Santa Clara semiconductor bellwether Advanced Micro Devices jumped in after-hours trading last night on news of a firm earnings beat and projected... [Read More]
No matter how much of a juggernaut manufacturing process advantage Intel may have had over the years, AMD is now proving with its Zen and... [Read More]
Nvidia seems to not only have an early lead in the AI processing game, but also a firm grasp of what it takes to keep... [Read More]
Many visionaries of the technology, like Elon Musk for example, claim that someday, as technology advances, self-driving cars will be so safe, so accurate that... [Read More]