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Barney Visser announced in September that he was folding Furniture Row Racing, based in Colorado, because he lost a critical corporate sponsor and could not... [Read More]
Getting 16½ points to bet real dollar bills on the Buffalo Bills seems as if it would be awfully enticing. But Dave Mason, the sportsbook... [Read More]
This was not the way to get the playoffs off to a rousing start, especially considering that NASCAR had adjusted its schedule to include Las... [Read More]
The Cup season has largely been a snore. Ticket-buyers and television viewers have continued to tune out. The chairman and CEO got busted for DUI... [Read More]
NASCAR's playoffs But they are not really "playoffs," because the last 10 races of the season still have full fields of 35 or more cars,... [Read More]
Seven-time champ Jimmie Johnson said he has had some positive talks with potential sponsors, but as time passes, it is becoming possible that Johnson, 42,... [Read More]
which is now called the Big Machine Vodka at the Brickyard - will be run for the 25th time Sunday, and it is breathtaking to... [Read More]
Donald Trump's New Jersey Generals were a talented team, but it became clear to others that Trump was using his ownership of a USFL team... [Read More]
It has been a little surprising that NASCAR interim chairman and CEO Jim France has not had a news conference or even an informal gathering... [Read More]
"The Lady in Black" has also been given a $7 million shot of Botox this year. The "A Better Darlington" project includes installing more comfortable... [Read More]
This summer ESPN will broadcast 231 Little League games. But professional players say international exposure is not harmful to its pre-teen athletes... [Read More]
Actually, "more Bristols" would not be as good of an answer as maybe another rolling road course like Watkins Glen or dirt track like Eldora... [Read More]
One of Nascar's most popular drivers begins a second career as an analyst for NBC telecasts. As a boy, he announced Matchbox car races with... [Read More]
The odds were reduced last week to 13-10, or plus-130, from 7-5, or plus-140. Dave Mason, the sportsbook brand manager at BetOnline, said the book... [Read More]
The France family has a lot to fix with NASCAR, but it has become painfully apparent that there is schedule "fatigue," so the 36-race Cup... [Read More]
France let NASCAR down, but NASCAR did him no favors by enabling him. It is a good thing that he will finally get the help... [Read More]
The US may have failed to qualify for this summer's World Cup but interest in the Premier League is as strong as ever as the... [Read More]
The news of Brian France's arrest Monday caused the NASCAR corner of the Twitterverse to explode, and posters were not sympathetic. The verdict from fans... [Read More]
''It'll be the tallest building in the world sideways,'' an executive involved with the Trump Organization, who spoke on the condition of anonymity but who... [Read More]
Steve Phelps, NASCAR's chief operating officer, said over the weekend: "I think this industry tends to focus on the negative. I'm not really sure why."... [Read More]