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One of Nascar's most popular drivers begins a second career as an analyst for NBC telecasts. As a boy, he announced Matchbox car races with... [Read More]
The odds were reduced last week to 13-10, or plus-130, from 7-5, or plus-140. Dave Mason, the sportsbook brand manager at BetOnline, said the book... [Read More]
The France family has a lot to fix with NASCAR, but it has become painfully apparent that there is schedule "fatigue," so the 36-race Cup... [Read More]
France let NASCAR down, but NASCAR did him no favors by enabling him. It is a good thing that he will finally get the help... [Read More]
The US may have failed to qualify for this summer's World Cup but interest in the Premier League is as strong as ever as the... [Read More]
The news of Brian France's arrest Monday caused the NASCAR corner of the Twitterverse to explode, and posters were not sympathetic. The verdict from fans... [Read More]
''It'll be the tallest building in the world sideways,'' an executive involved with the Trump Organization, who spoke on the condition of anonymity but who... [Read More]
Steve Phelps, NASCAR's chief operating officer, said over the weekend: "I think this industry tends to focus on the negative. I'm not really sure why."... [Read More]
Kevin Harvick (six victories), Kyle Busch (five) and Martin Truex Jr. (four) are all former champions who are over 30, which puts a damper for... [Read More]
It was NBC's third announcer arrangement in four races, and it might not be the last. But NBC might have stumbled onto a winning combination... [Read More]
Racing on dirt is nothing like racing on asphalt, because the trucks slide around on the slick surface, often thumping into each other and spraying... [Read More]
Chevrolet has won one race this year -- the first race of the year, when Austin Dillon captured the Daytona 500. It was a wonderful... [Read More]
Yes, fights between NASCAR drivers have been largely a waste of time. But they also showed how drivers loved to compete. It just seems like... [Read More]
Ricky Stenhouse Jr., the 30-year-old ex-boyfriend of Danica Patrick, won the first two stages of the race, but he was entangled in two wrecks that... [Read More]
The 1984 Firecracker 400 at Daytona International Speedway on July 4 was not just a NASCAR race but a campaign rally for President Reagan as... [Read More]
Gene Haas launched an F1 team in 2016, the first U.S. team in Formula One in 30 years, and the race at Red Bull Ring... [Read More]
Within about five minutes of the NFL's announcement, the Twitterverse lit up with commentary from people who said the $2.75 million fine was a slap... [Read More]
The retired Dale Earnhardt Jr. finally joins NBC Sports as a commentator on NASCAR telecasts. The curious may tune in, but NASCAR has been in... [Read More]
The US men's national team didn't make it to Russia 2018, but there are still ways to promote the growth of soccer in the States... [Read More]
Only six drivers have a race victory through the first 15 races of the NASCAR Cup season. Through the first 15 races of each of... [Read More]