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The filing deadline for next year's elections passed on Monday. It seems like there's a little slice of something for several different groups. Some examples:... [Read More]
Heading into the potentially tumultuous 2018 election cycle in Texas, Joe Barton just became the seventh Texan in the U.S. House of Representatives to say... [Read More]
Republican Gov. Greg Abbott recently took the relatively rare, and politically risky, position of backing a Republican opponent to a sitting Republican member of the... [Read More]
If it were a board game, you might call it "Alabama."The imperfect storm of mostly disconnected developments has produced charges of misconduct rocking politics in... [Read More]
Joe Straus's announcement Wednesday (Oct. 25) that he was dropping plans to seek a record sixth term as House Speaker was a stunning surprise in... [Read More]
The much-amended Texas Constitution is up to be amended Nov. 7 — up to seven times.The seven propositions voters will decide on are relatively minor... [Read More]
Dear Congressman McCaul,We understand you're probably disappointed that Donald Trump, for a second time, passed on appointing you to head up the Department of Homeland... [Read More]
Many people watching partisan gridlock in Congress lament that the body has become so polarized that the political middle has all but disappeared.These days, to... [Read More]
Hurricane Harvey may have proven that "it's an ill wind that blows nobody good." At least, that seemed to be the case for Texas Gov.... [Read More]
Christie Craddick made it unanimous. On Sept. 12, the chair of the three-member Texas Railroad Commission became the final non-judicial statewide office-holder to announce for... [Read More]
The Texas House of Representatives' Freedom Caucus hopes in 2019 to keep five-term House Speaker Joe Straus, a moderate Republican, from winning a sixth. [Read More]
"Dog catches car."That may be happening in the nation's capitol, and in the Texas capitol, where Republicans control the legislative and executive branches of government.Or,... [Read More]
One of the latest universities to join the move to remove statues applauding leaders of the Confederate States of America is the University of Texas... [Read More]
Two big things happened Tuesday, Aug. 15.One was the 30-day special session of the Texas Legislature faded on day 29, when House Speaker Joe Straus... [Read More]
There was poignant irony that former Gov. Mark White laid in state in the capitol rotunda for three hours on Aug. 10, while lawmakers discussed... [Read More]
Gov. Greg Abbott may be wishing he had laid out fewer than 20 subjects for the 30-day special legislative session he called.And Lt. Gov. Dan... [Read More]
Gov. Greg Abbott may be wishing he had laid out fewer than 20 subjects for the 30-day special legislative session he called. [Read More]
The Texas Senate landed running for its 30-day special session July 18, whipped on by its presiding officer, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.He wanted to quickly... [Read More]
House Speaker Joe Straus would rather lawmakers spend their 30-day special session that began Tuesday improving Texas' broken school finance system than policing which bathrooms... [Read More]
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