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Gov. Tony Evers proposes to close the "dark-store loophole" that allows big-box stores to be taxed as though their thriving businesses are actually empty buildings... [Read More]
The metrics show that the people now strongly support Obamacare, says "data wonk" Bruce Thompson. So why do Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Majority Leader... [Read More]
State Rep. David Murphy, a Republican from the Fox River Valley community of Greenville, fashions himself as the free speech expert for the UW. But... [Read More]
Dennis Hetzel, a veteran newspaperman who was my right-hand guy here as managing editor of The Capital Times during the late '80s, got this conversation... [Read More]
When I saw the story that the Athletic Department is contemplating another multimillion-dollar renovation of Camp Randall, I wondered if there were a few bucks... [Read More]
This time, the "alternative fact" is that new Trump appointee Tara Sweeney is the first Native American to hold the position of assistant secretary of... [Read More]
Certain politicians are using not only the national anthem, but our flag and our veterans as pawns to score political points and exacerbate the already-yawning... [Read More]
The Kimberly-Clark Corp. is the epitome of the multinational conglomerate with the capital, power and chutzpah to lead government officials around by the rings in... [Read More]
Although it's been 31 years since Max Gaebler retired as the minister at Madison's First Unitarian Society, he made an impact on not only his... [Read More]
Investigative journalist Jesse Eisinger's The Chickenshit Club," explains why government prosecutors often skip the hard cases against corporate execs and their high-priced lawyers. [Read More]
As Donald Trump's White House wallows in chaos, it's time to take another look at how well he's doing in making America great again. [Read More]
Activists recently conducting interviews with rural residents in "Trump country" found these voters want health care for all, fair wages, free access to education, clean... [Read More]
The governing body that "oversees" college athletics can't bring itself to sanction sports-obsessed universities that resort to academic fraud or their well-paid coaches who skirt... [Read More]
This year's progressive political Chautauqua will kick of Friday evening, Sept. 14, at the Barrymore Theatre on Madison's east side, followed by a picnic Saturday... [Read More]
He'll be busy mining deep pockets. But for working people and their supporters, the annual LaborFest Monday at the Labor Temple on South Park Street... [Read More]
Many economists predicted at the time of the GOP's huge tax cut for corporations that the vast majority of their enormous tax savings wouldn't trickle... [Read More]
A study funded by the libertarian think tank Mercatus Center found that Medicare-for-all would cost $2 trillion less over 10 years than health care now... [Read More]
A recent Free Press story raised concerns about the transparency of a joint city of Madison, Dane County and Madison School District committee known as... [Read More]
Republicans questioned firefighters union leader Mahlon Mitchell's pay raise, but they skip the scrutiny when it comes to multimillionaires and corporate giants. [Read More]
Since the right wing hasn't been able to kill environmental safeguards or the Affordable Care Act through legislative channels, it has turned to the courts.... [Read More]