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It seems like Donald Trump wants to bring back "Star Wars." No, not the movie -- the Strategic Defense Initiative of the Reagan era that... [Read More]
China is doing its best to win the competition, if not a war -- trade, diplomatic, political or even military -- with the United States.... [Read More]
According to The Washington Post, Barack Obama offered to Donald Trump in their only Oval Office meeting a ... [Read More]
Diplomatic imagination has rarely been as essential as it is today. [Read More]
David Andelman writes that in the conflict between English and French fishing boats in the English Channel, the French may have justice on their side. [Read More]
Look out Donald Trump, while you're not watching, China is quietly stealing a continent from you. And India may not be far behind, writes David... [Read More]
David Andelman writes that both Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush's sanctions against Iran largely failed, so Donald Trump would be foolish to follow... [Read More]
David Andelman says he was a cub reporter for the New York Times when he was targeted for audit by the IRS, likely because of... [Read More]
David Andelman was at the Carter-Brezhnev summit in 1979. Unlike that meeting, which had clear objectives and deliverables, the Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki was disastrous,... [Read More]
With the NATO summit in the rearview mirror, David Andelman says Donald Trump's bullying was likely about money -- and Trump's inept understanding of the... [Read More]
For six decades, Serge and Beate Klarsfeld devoted their lives to hunting former Nazis -- from death camp guards to leaders of the Gestapo --... [Read More]
Other nations are not looking at America as a pristine model of democracy as they once did, writes David Andelman... [Read More]
A shift away from globalism has been occurring for years, and it has grown ever-stronger as Trump has prioritized nationalism and many European countries have... [Read More]
Watching the video that President Donald Trump showed on his iPad to Kim Jong Un in Singapore this week inspired David Andelman to write a... [Read More]
Trump's last-minute decision not to sign the G-7 closing communique and his absence from parts of the gathering indicate the US has abdicated its onetime... [Read More]
Donald Trump burns French President Emmanuel Macron and sends him to ally with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, writes David Andelman. [Read More]
Donald Trump may have just torched his last real friend in the Western alliance, someone he could have counted on when the going gets tough.... [Read More]
With the upcoming North Korean summit, Donald Trump should remember the reason past presidents never sat down to talk with a North Korean despot.      ... [Read More]
Kim Yong Chol has acquired a reputation of being a tough. unyielding official, with little in his past to suggest he's eager for a long-term... [Read More]
Well, there goes the Nobel Peace Prize. But could President Trump ever have seen himself sharing such an honor with anyone else? Or, for that... [Read More]