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The 15-car train hit the woman north of Denver on Saturday. [Read More]
IDF said the aircraft penetrated 1 mile into Israeli territory before being intercepted. [Read More]
Erdogan said Israel's "nation-state" law proves it is the most fascist and racist country in the world. [Read More]
More than a million people have already fled the country amid a worsening economic crisis. [Read More]
At least 50 people have died so far with the death toll expected to rise. [Read More]
Only 37 percent of Germans think the continent needs U.S. defense. [Read More]
With President Donald Trump continuing to practice military brinkmanship via Twitter, U.S.-Iranian tensions appear to be reaching boiling point. [Read More]
The 18-year-old fell 30 feet into the water when he lost his footing. [Read More]
"Jews are, once again, at the vanguard, rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future, showing a path forward for Europeans," Spencer said. [Read More]
The Birthright organization offers free trips to Israel for young Jews, but in recent weeks two groups have walked off the tours in protest of... [Read More]
America has signed off on $46.9 billion worth of arms sales so far this year. [Read More]
The man has been living alone in the rainforest for at least 22 years. [Read More]
Rick Allen was stranded for 36 hours before a drone spotted him and its pilot guided rescuers to the stricken climber. [Read More]
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the bill would "ensure our state's Jewish character for generations to come." [Read More]
Many Americans seem to be buying President Trump's anti-NATO—and often misleading—rhetoric. [Read More]
Around 2.6 million North Koreans—one in 10 of the population—are modern day slaves. [Read More]
Gottfried Waldhäusl said the law was designed "from an animal welfare point of view." [Read More]
Trump's royal "special honor" was no more than standard working visit protocol, royal experts say. [Read More]
The boys thanked the rescuers for all their efforts and vowed to live life to the full following their "miracle" escape. [Read More]
Incoming Interior Minister Olga Sanchez Cordero said Obrador had given her "carte blanche" to do whatever is needed to restore peace. [Read More]