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Israelis believed Aziz Asbar led secret unit building underground weapons factory to replace one they destroyed in 2017... [Read More]
The car bombing was said to be at least the fourth Israeli assassination of an enemy weapons engineer on foreign soil in the last three... [Read More]
David M. Halbfinger, The Times's Jerusalem bureau chief, found Google Translate useful in Israeli and Palestinian territory, but Waze sometimes reaches a dead end. [Read More]
The government extended surrogacy rights to single women, but rejected an amendment that would have included same-sex couples. [Read More]
Netanyahu of Israel has long demanded that the Palestinians acknowledge his country's existence as the "nation-state of the Jewish people". [Read More]
Critics say that by giving a special status to Jews — and downgrading the status of the Arabic language — the legislation diminishes non-Jewish citizens. [Read More]
The legislation downgrades the status of the Arabic language, promotes Jewish construction, and enshrines the exclusive right of Jews to self-determination. [Read More]
Two Palestinian teenagers were killed and four members of an Israeli family were wounded in a daylong exchange of rockets and airstrikes in and around... [Read More]
As Syrian government forces press their offensive in southwestern Syria, the diplomatic battle has already turned to what postwar Syria will look like. [Read More]
The new restrictions are aimed at forcing Hamas to crack down on kites and balloons that have caused hundreds of fires in Israel. [Read More]
President Trump's Middle East adviser told a Palestinian newspaper that the U.S. would roll out its peace plan even if the Palestinian leader remained on... [Read More]
Israeli prime minister not charged, but is still under investigation. [Read More]
Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, was indicted Thursday on charges that she defrauded the Israeli government of close to... [Read More]
The wife of the prime minister is accused of falsifying records to conceal close to $100,000 in expenses, mostly to high-end chefs for private meals. [Read More]
A Times reporter sees new tactics and new destruction, but few reasons to think the border fence clashes would end anytime soon. [Read More]
Islamic militants in the Gaza Strip attacked southern Israel with rockets and mortars Tuesday, and Israel responded instantly with a wave of airstrikes across the... [Read More]
The show about a team of counterterrorism operatives allows Israelis to engage, safely, with subjects that they ordinarily avoid on TV. [Read More]
At least 58 Palestinian protesters are killed in Gaza, as the U.S. opens a new embassy 40 miles away. [Read More]
The relocation of the embassy from Tel Aviv was timed for the 70th anniversary of the formation of Israel — a move that many Israelis... [Read More]
On the eve of its 70th anniversary, Israel is torn by forces within and without. For all the successes, one historian said, "the future is... [Read More]