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Last month, we wrote that Omega Healthcare Investors wasn't healthy enough for us. Since then, Omega Healthcare is down 11.1%. At the same time last... [Read More]
It's unusual enough for one CEO to helm two separate public companies simultaneously, but the divergence between Square and Twitter over the past couple of... [Read More]
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In a recent article, we mentioned warning by Ranjit Thomas, CFA that Broadcom could be the next Valeant. We presented two hedges for Broadcom longs... [Read More]
After reading Brad Thomas's wonderful Tanger Time Machine article, we were inspired to take ride in the time machine ourselves. We take it back to... [Read More]
Of the hedged portfolios built with our system in late April and early May, three of the first five beat the market, despite taking on... [Read More]
By competing at more price points, Apple is driving iPhone sales growth. At the same time, by loosening rules regarding in-app subscriptions, it's positioning i... [Read More]
Seeking Alpha contributor Ranjit Thomas, CFA argued recently that Broadcom might be the next Valeant, using acquisitions to inflate earnings. We offer our syste... [Read More]
Of the hedged portfolios built with our system in late April and early May, three of the first four beat the market. This, the fifth... [Read More]
Each week since June 8th we've been presenting a hedged portfolio constructed out of our system's top names to our Marketplace subscribers. Here, we update... [Read More]
Heading into earnings, Tesla shareholders have seen warnings from a few leading Seeking Alpha contributors. Tesla currently passes our system's two screens, alb... [Read More]
Of the hedged portfolios built with our system in late April and early May, the first three to finish beat the market. This one didn't.... [Read More]
Align Technology and Amazon, two names Portfolio Armor has been bullish on shot up last Friday after outstanding earnings. There are broader lessons in this... [Read More]
Last week, we noted that we exited the AMD position in our hedged portfolio from April up 7.8%, and the portfolio as a whole closed... [Read More]
In late April and early May, we presented six hedged portfolios created with our system. These portfolios last up to six months. Three of them... [Read More]
Can you strictly limit your clients' risk while generating competitive returns? Yes. I describe a tool that enables you to do that. I offer you... [Read More]
After including it in a concentrated, hedged portfolio in April, AMD was down nearly 20% by June. We wrote about how hedging ameliorated its drawdown... [Read More]